Crochet Baby Bootees

Crochet materials 100 % Acrylic yarn in yellow, blue, and pink. Crochet hook size 4.00 mm and 2. 5 mm. Sewing needle. Scissors. Crochet Bootees Pattern Special stitches: 2-YO Puff stitch: Yo, Insert hook in stitch, yo, pull through, yo, insert hook into stitch, yo, pull through all loops on hook, sl st in same [...]

Easter bunny crochet pattern

Crochet Materials Crochet hook size 3.0 mm Yarn: pink (100 % acrylic), black + white (eyes), red (mouth), blue (basket) Sewing needle Scissors. How to crochet Easter Bunny Begin by crocheting the feet, then the body, then the head, the arms, and the ears. Use pink yarn. Bunny feet. Make 2. Use double strain. Ch [...]

Crochet Heart Owl Pattern

Crochet Materials: Crochet hook size 3.o mm Crochet yarn: Pink 4 ply, 100 % acrylic, white 100 % acrylic, black 100 % acrylic, and orange 100 % acrylic. Sewing needle Scissors Crochet stitches This pattern uses US stitch abbreviation.  Chains (ch) Slip stitch (sl st) Single crochet (sc) Half Double crochet (hdc) Double crochet (dc) [...]

How to wire crochet jewellery frame

I made a beautiful clay pendant that I needed a frame for. I had some 28 gauge copper wire and a crochet hook size 1.0 mm. I began by crochet chain 3, then turn and 11 dc in 3rd ch from hook (US stitches). If you get confused between US and UK stitches, don't worry. [...]

Marilyn Monroe Filet Crochet

Begin crochet a chain of 126 + 3 chains for the turning chain. Follow this diagram and you will have made the beautiful Marilyn Monroe :) How to Filet Crochet For Beginners The instructions below uses US stitch abbreviation. More Filet Crochet Patterns Click here to get more filet crochet patterns.

English to Russian Stitch Abbreviation

Chain = ВП or воздушная петля Slip stitch = СС or соединительный столбик Single crochet = СБН or ст. б/н or столбик без накида\ Half double crochet = ПСН or полустолбик с накидом Double crochet = С1Н or столбик с 1 накидом Decrease = УБ or уб or убавка Increase = ПР or приб or [...]

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Crochet Bunny

Crochet Materials Crochet hook size 1.0 mm Crochet yarn 100 % Acrylic in white, red, and brown. Scissors Sewing needle Crochet Bunny Amigurumi Pattern Head. Ch 8, turn, 9 hdc over the cord. Roll into a ball and stitch together. Bunny Ears. Make 2. Ch 3, turn, 3 sc over the cord. Stitch to body. [...]

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Crochet bicycle

This is a crochet bicycle pattern that will be a great prop for your crochet decoration. Crochet Materials Crochet hook size 1.0 mm Crochet yarn brown 2 ply Sewing needle Scissors Crochet Bicycle Miniature Pattern Ch 15, in next 5 ch, insert hook and pull yarn through chain and loop over the ruler, sk 5 [...]