Chic Crochet Barbie Top

crochet barbie doll top pattern

This is a superhot crochet barbie top that will be part of a cool Barbie remake. :) I’m even making a barbie wig for this crochet project.

To make this crochet top, you will need to make 2 identical motifs.


Use a small crochet hook size 1.9 mm.

Use 100 % cotton yarn.

A sewing needle to weave in the ends and attach the 2 motifs.

Crochet Barbie Top step by step instructions

1st Motif.

Row 1. Begin by crochet 7 chainless sc. Turn.

Row 2 – 9. 1 sc in each sc. Turn.

Row 10. 2 sc in next 3 sc, 1 sc in each of the remaining sc. Turn.

Row 11. 1 sc in each sc to end. Turn.

Row 12. Rep row 10. Turn.

Row 13. Rep row 11. Turn.

Row 14. 2 sc tog, 1 sc in remaining sc to end. Turn.

2nd Motif.

Row 1-9 same as 1st Motif.

Row 10. 1 sc in each sc to last 3 sc, 2 sc in each of the last 3 sc. Turn.

Row 11. 1 sc in sc to end. Turn.

Row 12. Repeat row 10. Turn.

Row 13. Rep row 11. Turn.

Row 14. 1 sc in each sc to last 2 sc, 2 sc tog.

Stitch the row 1 together at the back of the doll.

Stich row 14 together, but leave 7 sc open as image shows. Use the leftover string as a cord around the neck.

Weave in the ends using a sewing needle.

How to make Life Size patterns using crochet Doll patterns

If you multiply the stitches with 7 or 8, and use a larger hook such as 5.5 mm, then it is possible to recreate a doll pattern to become a real size pattern. :) You might also ahve to change yarn size to one that fits better around a larger size hook.

Crochet Barbie Dress Pattern

Click on image below to get this very hot Barbie dress.

crochet barbie dress doll

Crochet barbie booties.

I love these very chic barbie boots.

Click on image to get this free Youtube tutorial on how to make this pattern.

Crochet barbie boots crochet pattern

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