How to Crochet the Letter A

How to crochet the letter A

Follow the diagram above. I have a Video Tutorial here where I show you how you can crochet A.

How to crochet the letter A step by step

How to crochet the letter A

Start crocheting Chainless Single Crochet stitches where it says Start. Crochet chainless sc to 1. Turn and sl st back 2 stitches. Begin crochet down and up where it says 3, 4, and 5. This is crocheted in 1 long ‘arm’ that you will fold as picture above shows. Continue crochet where it says 6 and attach to 1 with a sl st.

Slip stitch down 7 to make the 2nd ‘arm’. Crochet chainless single crochet where 6 ends to complete 7.

Continue crochet around the whole work with slip stitch to give the A more support. When you reach where 5 crosses 3, attach with slip stitch to secure the fold.

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