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A passion for Crochet

crochet swan pattern

I have been a crochet enthusiast for many years. On this site, you can find free patterns for big and small project sizes.

Crochet Amigurumi

crochet kangaroo free crochet pattern
Kanga McGee :D

Crochet Amigurumi has taken the world by storm. I have created mini amigurumi and large pieces. You can see them all here.

Felted Wonders

felted badger felted animal

Felt is a time consuming process of needle felting, creating dolls, rugs, and animals. See my Felted Wonders here.


Crochet Dolls

doll upcycle make over anna doll

Barbie upcycle and crochet dolls are my favourite thing to do. I always give them amazing hair. Check them out.

Irish Crochet Technique

irish rose free crochet irish crochet pattern
Irish Rose Crochet Pattern

Irish crochet is one of the most sophisticated and beautiful styles of crochet. I have several tutorials that you can follow on this page.

This site also has a Scandinavian kitchen blog. Click here.

  • Get access to Scandinavian recipes.
  • Gluten Free Recipes.
  • Lectin Reduced Recipes.
Kvæfjordkake, verdens beste, The World’s Best Cake
rose crochet pattern filet crochet rose pattern
Rose Filet Crochet Pattern

Filet Crochet Patterns. Click here.

  • Free patterns.
  • Cottage style crochet design.
  • Unique patterns made by me.

Free Crochet Patterns All Skill Levels + Scandinavian Recipes :)