How to Irish Crochet for beginners

irish crochet rose motif free crochet pattern

The Art of Irish Crochet

To learn how to Irish crochet for beginners, first get used to the idea of freestyle as a crochet form. Since Irish crochet is a freestyle form of crochet from the 19th century, it can be hard to understand the vintage books trying to explain these techniques. The patterns are vague at best. Luckily there are people who have deciphered the old patterns and are re-introducing the old motifs of Irish crochet. Irish crochet consists of making motifs that later are crochet together through creating a lace netting. The motifs are esembled as the crochet artists pleases. As the picture below show; Irish crochet is truly amazing.

crochet irish rose motif pattern irish crochet rose motif pattern

Modern Irish Crochet

When you give Irish crochet a go you are entering into the past. You are learning an old craft, and you will be bringing it into the modern world. The materials used for Irish Crochet are fine yarn and small sized hooks. You can, of course, use thicker yarn and larger hooks to give it your own spin. Usually, though Irish crochet uses size 10 (lace or 2 ply) crochet cotton an size 7/1.65 mm steel crochet hook.

In this pattern, I am using a traditional Irish Crochet Pattern, with chunky yarn and bigger hooks. 

crochet fern free crochet pattern
Crochet Fern Pattern

Irish Crochet stitch conversion

Old Irish patterns use the UK stitch abbreviation. Please see chart below to translate your pattern.

Old Term (UK)                       Modern Term (US)

Single stitch                            Slip stitch (sl st or ss)

Plain, (double crochet)         Single crochet (sc)

Treble                                        Double crochet (dc)

Long treble crochet              Triple crochet (trc or tc)

Common Irish Crochet Stitches

The bullion stitch

crochet bullion stitch bullion stitch crochet

The Clone stitch

clone stitch crochet clone stitch

Crochet cord

crochet cord stitch crochet cord

Reverse single crochet

reverse single crochet stitch reverse single crochet

The Art of Irish Crochet

In Irish Crochet the patterns are not worked in consecutive rows, their executions more resemble that of needle-made lace. You crochet all the motifs that form the full pattern and then laced together. The motifs are often worked over a cord foundation, which can be straight or curved.

How to crochet over a single cord foundation

crochet over the cord how to crochet over the cord

Crochet over a single cord foundation gives substance to the motifs. Some patterns say to crochet over a double or triple cord foundation.

How to crochet a second row of double crochet (plain) stitches over a cord foundation folded back.


How to crochet a closed tendril

how to crochet close tendril crochet closed tendril

To make a closed tendril you join the loop of thread creating a little eyelet. Coming back over the stitches below you crochet a 2nd row of double crochet. Another way of crochet tendrils is to crochet 3 plains (dc) in each stitch.

How to make a detached ring.

how to crochet a detached ring crochet

Detached rings are usually made over a triple cord foundation. Twist the cord foundation several times round a mesh, and cover the ring entirely with plain stitches.

How to make drooping eyelets

how to crochet drooping eyelets drooping eyelets crochet

How to make eyelets turned upwards

how to crochet eyelets turned upwards crochet upwards eyelets

Make a number of double crochet over the cord foundation and then draw it up tight into a curve. Secure it with a dc in one of the dc beneath.