How to Crochet Solomons knot

Solomon’s Knot Crochet Tutorial

crochet baby dress

Solomon’s Knot crochet stitch is also known as Lover’s knot and Knot stitch. Stitch diagram below found on AnniesCatalog website. Click on picture to go to website.

lovers knot

Solomon’s knot is made using ESK (Edge Solomon’s Knot) and MSK (Main Solomon’s Knot).

Lengthen loop as required, *yo and draw through loop on hook, keeping the single back strand of long chain separate from the 2 front strands, insert hook under single back thread, yo and draw loop through, yo and draw through both loops*, repeat between ** as required.
ESK (Edge Solomon’s Knot) These form the base chain and edges of your pattern. Lengthen loop 2/3 the length of MSK’s (ca 2.5 cm) and work as for Solomon’s Knot.
MSK (Main Solomon’s Knot) These form the main fabric. Lengthen loop 1.5 x the length of ESK  (ca 3 cm long) and work as for Solomon’s Knot.

Crochet Pattern using Solomon’s knot.

crochet baby dress

The dress above is made using Solomon’s knot stitches. As you can see this dress has a very lacy look and will be perfect as a christening dress. Click here to get this Christening Dress.

Watch video how to crochet with Solomon’s knot.

It is easier to learn Solomon’s knot by watching a video tutorial. Click here to get the video tutorial how to crochet Solomon’s knot. Solomon’s knot is also known as Lover’s knot.

How to Crochet Solomon’s Grid

Click on image to get pattern for the Solomon’s Grid

how to crochet solomons grid crochet solomons grid
Solomon’s Grid

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