how to crochet book cover

How to crochet book cover

When you crochet a book cover, make a chain that is a little bit shorter the the length of the book. When you turn to crochet on the chain, the chain expands due to the stitches. In this example, I crochet 1 hdc in each chain. I crochet the height of the journal across the side.

I then made a 2nd motif exactly the same way.

The spine is made by crochet a row of 2 bullion block stitches until the height of the book is reached. Stitch the 2 book cover pieces to the spine. I used double yarn when I crochet the ridge. I used the same double yarned and stitched around the book cover using a sewing needle to frame it in.

Crochet the height of the book about halfway of the book cover. This will be part of the inside of the book. Attach to the front cover. Crochet lengthwise the remaining length that is not covered by the folding piece. Make 2 each side and attach to the top and bottom inside the book cover. This will keep your book inside the book cover.

Block bullion stitches are crochet like this: 1 dc, yo and insert hook around dc, pull through yarn so you have 3 loops on hook, repeat 3 more times, yo and pull through all loops on hook, sl st in same st as ch 3. 

Decoration: To decorate the book cover, I used pink and brown felt. I stitched the pink felt to create a door. I used chunky green yarn and crochet the arch using simple single crochet stitches.

The arch is decorated with roses. Some of the roses are crochet by hdc over the cordn and then rolled into a rose. The blue flowers on the tree are made the same way. To make the tree trunk and brances, I used brown felt and stitch it in place using a sewing needle and brown yarn. This book cover became a christmas gift this year. I was so happy with the outcome. :)


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