Crochet Amigurumi Emu and High Heel Stilettos

crochet Emu pattern
crochet Emu pattern
how to crochet shoes crochet pattern

I had a great idea to Crochet an Emu wearing High Heel Stilettos. Yeah, it didn’t happen. Instead, I crochet a pair of mini Stilettos and one Big Crochet Emu….:D HAHA…. At least, I got two cool projects out of this Idea. I am very happy about the Emu. It looks very decorative on top of my bookshelf. I have crochet decorations throughout my house. Handmade is best and it gives your home a very homey look.

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Crochet Amigurumi as the Dolly Parton Challenge

Also, I decided to join in the Dolly Parton Challenge. Let me know what you think….

crochet pattern dolly pattern challenge

It was kinda hard finding the Tinder pattern haha…. All the patterns in picture above can be found on this website…and they are free.

What should I crochet next?

I am always pondering what my Next Crochet Pattern should be… I am halfway through a couple of bigger clothing projects… In the meantime, I will make fun Amigurumi patterns for you. :)

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