How to Crochet Butterfly Doily

Crochet Butterfly Doily ~ Free Crochet Pattern This is a vintage crochet pattern of a Butterfly Doily published in Royal Society #12. Crochet Materials Crochet steel hook number 10 Crochet yarn 100% cotton in color of your choice. Crochet Stitches Cluster Stitch: Holding back on hook the last loop of each tr make tr [...]

How to Crochet Picot stitch tutorial

How to Crochet Picot stitch ~ Free tutorial Picots are often used in Irish Crochet and lace work to create a unique look. It is also often used as a finishing touch on edges of crochet garments. Picots are formed by three or more chains closed into a ring with a slip stitch. Ch 3, insert hook [...]

Cluster Stitch

Cluster Stitch Crochet tutorial Cluster stitches are worked as incomplete stitches, leaving increasing number of loops on the crochet hook. When the required number of loops are on hook, yo, and pull through all loops on hook. You can use either Single crochet stitches, double crochet stitches, or any crochet stitches when creating Cluster [...]

Pineapple doily

Free Vintage Pineapple doily pattern Crochet Materials. Crochet steel hook no 12. Crochet cotton size 30. Crochet Instructions. Ch 10, join with sl st in 1st ch to form a ring. 1. ch 4 and work 31 tr in ring, join in 4th st of ch, 32 tr all up. 2. Ch 4 (count [...]

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Popcorn stitches

How to Crochet Popcorn stitches tutorial A popcorn crochet stitch is formed when several trebles (UK) (or longer stitches) are worked in the same place, then the stitch is completed by joining the first stitch with the last to make a 'cup' shape. Work several trebles in the same place. Reinsert the hook in the [...]

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fourth wheel irish crochet

How to Crochet the Fourth Wheel ~ Irish Crochet tutorial This pattern uses English stitch abbreviation. When you find an Irish crochet pattern, you might see old stitches no longer in use. Here is the old English stitch vs modern stitch conversion. Fourth Wheel Crochet Pattern Instruction Using 1.75 mm steel hook ch 8, [...]