Heirloom bobble crochet earrings

crochet earrings chunky

How to crochet Heirloom bobble crochet earrings tutorial You are bound to attract some attention wearing these chunky earrings! This is another heirloom crochet obsessed project where I started freestyling on the loom and something magical appeared. I love these chunky earrings as they are very colorful and cheeky, not to mention FUN. You can … Read more

Beaded Hairpin crochet necklace

crochet hairpin necklace tutorial

Hairpin crochet necklace with beads tutorial This is a Native American inspired Heirloom Crochet necklace that I absolutely love. It is decorated with beautiful beads and a large feather. I used a feather bought in the craft store, however you can also use feathered found in nature. Special stitches: Picot stitch.  Crochet Materials Heirloom. Crochet … Read more

Hairpin Belt Crochet pattern

crochet hairpin belt

How to Hairpin crochet belt tutorial Materials. Set Heirloom size 2 (2nd largest). Use yarn with about 20 % mohair. You choose the colors. I use yellow and green. Use crochet hook size 6.5. Special crochet stitches: Bobble stitch. This pattern uses UK crochet stitch abbreviation. Crochet Instructions: Picture below is the diagram. O is … Read more

How to Crochet Solomons knot

crochet baby dress crochet pattern baby dress

Solomon’s Knot Crochet Tutorial Solomon’s Knot crochet stitch is also known as Lover’s knot and Knot stitch. Stitch diagram below found on AnniesCatalog website. Click on picture to go to website. Solomon’s knot is made using ESK (Edge Solomon’s Knot) and MSK (Main Solomon’s Knot). Lengthen loop as required, *yo and draw through loop on … Read more

Crochet Hairpin Necklace

hairpin crochet tree of life pattern

How to Crochet the Tree of Life Hairpin Lace pattern Crochet Materials: Mohair (at least 20 %) wool Crochet hook size 6.5 and 3.0. A colorful gemstone or crystal. Crochet Necklace instructions Special stitches: Bobble stitch (5 tr together). Set the pins on hairpin to size 2 (two empty holes between pins). Use crochet hook … Read more

How to Crochet Hair

crochet hair

Top Three Crochet Hair tutorials Yes you can crochet yourself a whole new hairdo. You will need a latch hook tool and hair extensions. You might also need a helping friend and some spare time. Crochet hair looks incredible realistic and it is a popular way of getting instant long hair (or any length you … Read more

Crochet Mittens

Crochet Mittens with Picot edges Materials: Crochet hook size 6.5 Crochet yarn Make 4: Ch 23, Row 1: (1 dc, ch 3, 1 dc) in 13th ch from hook, *ch 5, sk 5 chs, (1 dc, ch 3, 1 dc) in next ch*, repeat between ** ending with ch 5, sk 5 chs, 1 dc in … Read more

Crochet Head Band Free

crochet lace headband free crochet pattern

Crochet Lace Head band Pattern Crochet Materials: Lacey yarn. Crochet Hook size 3.0 mm. Sewing needle. Scissors. Crochet Lace Head Band Instructions. This pattern uses US stitch abbreviation. Beg-3 sc-shell: Ch 3, (yo, insert hook in next tr, yo, draw up a loop, yo, draw through 2 loops on hook)x2, yo, draw through all 3 … Read more

Vintage Snowflake Crochet Pattern

How to crochet Snowflake Crochet Pattern This pattern is from the 1940s Lily booklet for Easy to Crochet Table Cloths and Runners MATERIALS—3 balls cr skeins Daisy Mercerized Crocliet Cotton size 20 or Skytone No. 2 for a cloth size 22″ X 42″. STAR MOTIF—Ch 12 making 1st st 3 times usual size, dtr in … Read more

Leprechaun Crochet Beani

crochet beanie pattern

Crochet Beani for Mischief People Crochet Materials Green yarn Crochet hook size 6.5 A cheeky nature This pattern uses English Abbreviation Special stitches: Spike Tr: 1 tr in same place as third precious tr. TR-CR (treble cross): Sk next 2 tr, 1 tr in same place as base of next tr, 1 tr in second … Read more

How to Crochet Picot stitch tutorial

picot doily

How to Crochet Picot stitch ~ Free tutorial Picots are often used in Irish Crochet and lace work to create a unique look. It is also often used as a finishing touch on edges of crochet garments. Picots are formed by three or more chains closed into a ring with a slip stitch. Ch 3, insert hook … Read more

Crochet Decorated Earrings

Free Crochet Decorated Earrings Pattern Material: 100 % Wool Crochet hook size 3.0 Crochet instructions *Crochet 6 dc over a double cord. Turn. Sk 1 dc, 1 dc in next 3 dc*, repeat 5 times. Sl st in 1st ch 6 to complete circle. Dc over the foundation cord to the 6 peaks of circle. Picot … Read more

Spider Web Crochet

crochet headband free pattern

Spider web crochet headband with twist FREE pattern Crochet Material Crochet hook: 3.0 mm Yarn: Any. Sewing needle. Scissors. Crochet Special Stitches.  Crochet Spider Stitch.  Crochet Lacey Head Band Pattern. Skill level: Easy This pattern uses UK Stitch abbreviation. Ch 57, join with sl st to form a ring. Ch 5, sk 4 chs on … Read more

Flower Power Poncho

crochet poncho crochet pattern free

Free Flower Poncho Crochet Pattern Skill level: Novice to intermediate Crochet Materials: Crochet steel hook: 5.50 100 % Wool Crochet Instructions Ch 71, join with a sl st to make a circle. Ch 3, 1 tr in next 34 ch, 3 tr in next ch (3tr-group), 1 tr in next 35 ch, sl st in … Read more

Bobble Stitch

bobble stitch

How to crochet Bobble stitches tutorial Bobble stitches are made out of several Double crochet (US stitch abbreviation) or tall stitches joined both at the top and the bottom, often surrounded by shorter stitches, and worked on the wrong side. After crochet many tall stitches in same place insert hook as picture shows. This stitch is … Read more

Puff Stitch

puff stitch crochet puff stitch

How to Crochet Puff stitch tutorial Puff stitches are made out of three or more half treble stitches joined both at the top and the bottom. Yo, insert the hook where you want the stitch to be, yo and draw through a loop, repeat the process until you have several loops on hook, yo and … Read more

Cluster Stitch

cluster stitch crochet cluster stitch

Cluster Stitch Crochet tutorial Cluster stitches are worked as incomplete stitches, leaving increasing number of loops on the crochet hook. When the required number of loops are on hook, yo, and pull through all loops on hook. You can use either Single crochet stitches, double crochet stitches, or any crochet stitches when creating Cluster crochet … Read more

Crochet for pets

The Best of Pet Crochet (in my opinion) Number 5. Cat house. This adorable cat house pattern is easy to make and brings plenty of joy to your furry angel. You can find the pattern here.  Number 4. Chicken Sweater.  This is certainly one of a kind crochet pattern found on Etsy by the shop Bagsandmorebypam.  Number … Read more

Pineapple doily

pinapple doily

Free Vintage Pineapple doily pattern Crochet Materials. Crochet steel hook no 12. Crochet cotton size 30. Crochet Instructions. Ch 10, join with sl st in 1st ch to form a ring. 1. ch 4 and work 31 tr in ring, join in 4th st of ch, 32 tr all up. 2. Ch 4 (count as … Read more

Popcorn stitches

popcorn stitch crochet popcorn stitch

How to Crochet Popcorn stitches tutorial A popcorn crochet stitch is formed when several trebles (UK) (or longer stitches) are worked in the same place, then the stitch is completed by joining the first stitch with the last to make a ‘cup’ shape. Work several trebles in the same place. Reinsert the hook in the … Read more

second wheel irish crochet

second wheel irish crochet

How to crochet the Second wheel ~ Irish Crochet tutorial   This pattern uses English stitch abbreviation.  Using 1.75 mm steel hook ch 5, 1 sl st in ch 1 to form a ring. Ch 6, (1 tr in ring+ ch 3) x 4, 1 sl st in 3rd ch of ch 6. (1 dc + … Read more

fourth wheel irish crochet

fourth wheel irish crochet

How to Crochet the Fourth Wheel ~ Irish Crochet tutorial This pattern uses English stitch abbreviation. When you find an Irish crochet pattern, you might see old stitches no longer in use. Here is the old English stitch vs modern stitch conversion. Fourth Wheel Crochet Pattern Instruction Using 1.75 mm steel hook ch 8, 1 … Read more

fifth wheel irish crochet

fifth wheel irish crochet

How to Crochet the Fifth wheel ~ Irish Crochet tutorial. Using 1.75 mm steel hook; 20 dc over triple cord foundation. 1 sl st in 1st dc. This pattern uses English stitch abbreviation *Over a single cord foundation crochet: 1 dc + 1 htr + 3 tr + 1 htr + 1 dc, (1 dc over … Read more

Fan irish crochet

irish crochet fan

How to crochet the Irish Fan This pattern uses English stitch abbreviation. Crochet 20 dc over a triple cord foundation, 1 sl st in the 1st dc, 1 dc in the 2nd dc. (ch 3, 1 dc in next dc) x 7, turn, ch 5, 1 dc in 3 ch sp, (ch 3, 1 dc in next … Read more

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