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Phoenix Filet Crochet Pattern ~ Shop on Etsy

‘Phoenix’ is a filet crochet pattern for sale on my Etsy shop TheNorthernGypsie. You can purchase this pattern here. ‘Phoenix’ is a filet crochet pattern that will be instantly downloaded upon received payment. ‘Phoenix’ is approximate 47.9 cm wide and 59.7 cm tall using Crochet Cotton size 10. This pattern comes with instructions on how to start the pattern and how to read the pattern. It also comes with a Crochet Stitch comparison chart.

‘Phoenix’ is a filet crochet pattern that will look amazing as a wall decor or window decor. It is recommended that light shines through the piece for optimum effect. I also recommend stiffen finished product.

Learn more about how to Filet crochet here.

Phoenix Crochet Hairpin Pattern

Click here to get this beautiful Phoenix hairpin crochet pattern. 

crochet phoenix free crochet hairpin lace pattern
Crochet Phoenix

Crochet patterns from The NorthernGypsie on Etsy

Check out my Etsy shop items. My Filet Crochet patterns are easy to read with stitch comparison chart and diagrams. Prices are only US $2.50


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