How to crochet heart shaped bowl free tutorial

crochet pattern free heart shaped bowl

Free Crochet tutorial and crochet pattern

You can make this crochet pattern as big or small as you like. The trick to this pattern is to make the final crochet stitches the round before decreasing to be multiple by 10. In this example, you will crochet until you have 50 sts. When you then start to decrease you will do so in a way that creates the heart shape. You can change colors as many times as you like to give this bowl its own individual touch. It is also up to you what type of yarn you would like to use.

This crochet pattern uses US stitch abbreviation. 

Crochet stitches:

Chains (Ch)

Slip stitch (Sl st)

Stitches (St)

Single Crochet (Sc)

Half Double Crochet (Hdc).

Crochet heart bowl instructions.

Ch 4, 1 sl st in ch 1 to form ring.

Row 1. 8 sc in ring, sl st in 1st sc.

Row 2. 2 hdc in 1st st, 1 hdc in next st, repeat around, sl st in 1st st. Ch 1. Turn. (12 sts)

Row 3. Repeat row 2. (18 sts).

Row 4. hdc in each st to end, sl st in 1st hdc, ch 1. Turn (18).

Row 5. Repeat row 2. (27).

Row 6. Repeat row 2. (36).

Row 7. Repeat row 4. (36).

Row 8. Repeat row 2. (45).

Row 9. Repeat row 4. (45).

Row 10. *hdc in next 8 sts, 2 hdc in next st*, repeat around, ch 1. Turn. (50).

Row 11. (With hdc: 2 sts tog) x 5, hdc in rest of sts until last 10 sts, (with hdc: 2 sts tog) x 5, ch 1. Turn.

Change yarn color.

Row 12. Hdc in each st around. Fasten off and weave in ends.

The heart shaped crochet bowl is perfect for stashing items that easily get lost.

crochet pattern free heart shaped bowl

I always lose my headphones. Now I have a place to stash them, and hopefully, I can find them next time.

Happy crocheting from Ingie.


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