Crochet Puppy ~ A free crochet pattern

This pattern is great as a pincushion, but it is also a great toy for your pets.

crochet pincushion

Crochet Materials

Crochet hook size 2.5

Yarn Panda 8 ply in dark green, red and black

Crochet instruction

This pattern uses US crochet stitch abbreviation.

Crochet head

Ch 12 (foundation chain),

Row 1. 1 dc in 3rd ch from hook, 1 dc in next 3 chs, 5 dc in next ch (5 dc group), 1 dc in next 4 chs. Turn.

Row 2. Ch 3, 1 dc to 3rd dc of 5 dc group, 5 dc in next dc, 1 dc in remaining sts. Turn.

Row 3. Ch 3, 1 dc to 5 dc group, 2 dc in next 2 dc, 5 dc in next dc, 2 dc in next 2 dc, dc in each dc to end. Turn.

Row 4. Ch 3, 1 dc in each st to end. Do Not Turn.

Row 5. Continue crochet up around dc with 3 x sc up next 3 dc. You are now on row 2. Ch 7, sl st in last foundation ch, 1 sc in each ch sp (between dc) to 1st foundation ch, sl st in foundation ch, ch 7, sk row 1, crochet 3 sc around dc row 2, 3 and 4. Do not turn.

Row 6. Ch 1, sc in each dc to end, continue crochet up side as follows: sc in next sc, (2 sc tog) x 4, in 7 ch sp crochet: (5 sc, ch 5, 5 sc), sc in sc across to 7 ch sp. In 7 ch sp crochet: (5 sc, ch 5, 5 sc), (2 sc tog) x 4, sc in last sc. Do not turn.

Row 7. (2 sc tog) x 1, sc in next sc to end. Do not crochet up side. Turn.

Row 8. Sc in sc to end. Turn.

Row 9. Sc in next 4 sc, (2 sc tog) x 3, sc in remaining 4 sc. Turn.

Row 10. Sl st in 1st sc row 9, crochet up the side with sc in sc until 5 ch sp, 9 dc in 5 ch sp, ch 2, sk 5 sc, sl st in next st, (ch 3, sk 1 st, sl st in next st) x 4, ch 2, 9 dc in 5 ch sp, crochet down the side with sc in sc until sl st beginning of row 10. Fill in stuffing.

Crochet back of head.

Row 1. Reattach yarn around sc row below 3 ch sp row 10 (head) with a sl st. In every other sc crochet sc. You now have 4 sc at the back of 4 x 3 ch sp.

Row 2. Continue crochet 1 sc in 4 sc.

Row 3-4. Sc in sc. Attach with sl st 4 sc row 10 head (2 sc before sl st and 2 sc after sl st).

Sl st all remaining opening in the back head. Do not sl st in the outer edge (row 10) of head, but instead in row 9.

Crochet tongue.

crochet pincushion

Row 1. Attach Red yarn in row 9 before the sl st beg row 10 (see picture) with a sl st, sc in next 5 sts.

Row 2-6. Sc in sc (5 sc).

Row 7. 2 sc tog, sc in remaining 3 sc (4 sc).

Row 8. Sc in sc (4 sc).

Row 9. 2 sc tog, sc in remaining 2 sc (3 sc).

Row 10. Sc in sc (3 sc)

Row 11. 2 sc tog, sc in remaining sc. (2 sc).

Row 12. Sc in sc. (2 sc). Fasten off.

Weave in ends.

Stitch nose and eyes as picture shows. Use a sewing needle not a crochet hook for this.

crochet pincushion


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