Crochet Dinosaur Free Pattern

crochet dinosaur

Crochet Dinosaur ~ Free Crochet Pattern In this pattern, you will crochet Head, Body, and Tail in one go. Then you will crochet the foot and the leg in one go and stitch on. If you put a squeaky toy inside this dinosaur it will be a perfect toy for your dog.  Adjustments. If you … Read more

Crochet for pets

The Best of Pet Crochet (in my opinion) Number 5. Cat house. This adorable cat house pattern is easy to make and brings plenty of joy to your furry angel. You can find the pattern here.  Number 4. Chicken Sweater.  This is certainly one of a kind crochet pattern found on Etsy by the shop Bagsandmorebypam.  Number … Read more

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