Crochet Bikini Free Pattern

Crochet Bikini Pattern

I never thought I wuold make a crochet bikini, but here we go 🙂

Crochet Materials:

I used two different coloured yarn: Dark Blue and Maroon Red in 100 % Acrylic.

Crochet Hook Size 4.0.

Sewing needle.



Thick Knitting Needle.

Crochet Bikini Pattern Instructions

crochet bikini pattern bikini crochet pattern

Make 2 crochet motifs.

crochet bikini motif

With Blue Yarn:

1. Ch 18, turn, dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in every ch to last ch, in last ch crochet: (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc), continue crochet on the bottom of row, dc in every st to end, turn.

2. Ch 3, 1 dc in every dc to end, in 2 ch sp crochet: (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc), continue crochet 1 dc in each dc to end. Turn.
3-5. Rep row 2.
See image. Use a thick knitting needle and broomstick up each side 27 (incl 2 ch sp) each side. Do one side first. 3 loops together with 3 sc, Fasten off. Do the other side exactly the same way. Fasten off. Weave in ends.
crochet bikini broomstick crochet pattern

Crochet border using Hairpin Pattern

Use an heirloom on 3rd largest setting.
hairpin crochet pattern heirloom crochet pattern
1. 90 loops each side connected with sc in the middle.
2. Remove work from heirloom. 10 loops together with sc, 3-ch picot in same sc, sc in sc, ch 1, *( sc in next loop, ch 1) x 10, 10 loops together with sc*, continue between ** to last 10 loops, 10 loops together with sc, 3-ch picot in same sc, sc in sc. Fasten off. Turn around and crochet on loops the other side: *(sc in next loop, ch 1), 10 loops together with sc, ch 1*, repeat between ** to end. Fasten off.

Assemble the Crochet Bikini

crochet bikini pattern

Attach to motifs by point the side of the hairpin motifs with the two picots downwards. Count 22 loops and attach sc of hairpin motif to bottom of bikini motif. Sc across 12 scs. Repeat the other side.
Attach strings of Yarn to the top of bikini motifs as follows Sc, draw long 15 cm long loops through, do another sc in the same spot, and draw another 15 cm long loops through. Knot the loops together to secure them. Repeat the other side.

Continue Assemble the Crochet bikini

With Red Yarn

crochet bikini pattern

String red yarn between the two bikini motifs in zigzag similar to a shoelace (see left image above). Do the same to the side with zigzag similar to a shoelace (see right image above).

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