Beaded Hairpin crochet necklace

crochet hairpin necklace tutorial

Hairpin crochet necklace with beads tutorial

This is a Native American inspired Heirloom Crochet necklace that I absolutely love. It is decorated with beautiful beads and a large feather. I used a feather bought in the craft store, however you can also use feathered found in nature.

crochet heirloom necklace tutorial

Special stitches: Picot stitch. 

Crochet Materials


Crochet hook size 3.0 and 1.0.

Yarn: Fayette 60 % Superwash wool + 40 % Polyamide.

A feather.


Crochet Hairpin Necklace tutorial:

This heirloom work has 44 loops each side. Use the widest option on the heirloom.

Round 1: 1 sc each loop until 3 loops each side: 3 loops together with 1 sc. 3 loops together every round (each sc ends up one loop above the last as picture 1 shows). After 44 loops each side remove work from heirloom.

Round 2: Connect 44 loops one side with 1 sc + 1 sl st in same sc. 1 picot in same spot (this is where you will attach necklace chain).

Round 3: Crochet across other side of the 44 loops as follows: 2 x 2 loops together with a bead. Use crochet hook size 1.0 to pull the 2 loops through the beads (see picture 2), continue until all 22 pair of loops have a bead on them. *Ch 5, insert hook through 2 loops, pull next 2 loops through previous 2 loops as picture 3 shows, attach with sc in loops you are pulling through*, continue across to end. Turn.

Round 4: Ch 3, picot, *sl st to next sc on top of 2 loops, ch 3-picot in sc*, continue across. Fasten off.

Optional. Attach feather. Insert feather through back of stitch and into bead.

Congratulations you have completed a heirloom intermediate crochet pattern.

heirloom crochet tutorial
picture 1
Attach bead to heirloom crochet pattern
Picture 2
heirloom crochet pattern
Picture 3

Crochet Tree of Life hairpin necklace pattern

Click here to get this crochet hairpin tree of life necklace.

hairpin crochet tree of life pattern

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