How to stiffen crochet

How to stiffen your Crochet Motifs

How to stiffen your Crochet Motifs ~ The easiest way

How to stiffen crochet


There are many ways you can stiffen you crochet motifs, and you can also use the stiffen agents to shape your crochet motifs, and this post is about how you can accomplish this the easiest way.

Liquid Starch: This is so easy. Wash and dry your item. Put liquid Starch (buy in your local grocery store) in a spray bottle. Lay your crochet motif flat, and spray the starch onto it. If you want to curve the look of your motif,then lay your motif in a bowl of the desired shape. If you want a semi-stiffened outcome, add dilute the liquid starch with water.

Other ways to stiffen your crochet motifs

You can use hairspray.  Just pin your piece in place so it is stretched out, and spray with hair spray. Not as efficient as liquid starch, but a great way for the projects you need semi-stiffened.

You can use glue mixed with water. Mix them in equal proportions. Dip your crochet motif in it and let it dry.

You can use sugar and water. Boil equal amount of sugar and water together. Dip your crochet motif in it and let it dry in the shape you want it.


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