Hairpin Crochet Bridal Choker Necklace

crochet bridal choker necklace

Skill level: Intermediate.

Crochet Materials:


Crochet hook size 3 mm

Crochet yarn 100 % wool in white

Sewing needle


Crochet Bridal Choker Necklace Instruction.

crochet bridal choker necklace pattern hairpin crochet pattern

This pattern uses US stitch abbreviation.

Set the Heirloom on 3rd smallest setting.

Step 1. 60 loops each side with sc in the middle.

Step 2. Take work off the loom. Crochet as follows one side: *10 loops tog with sc, fasten off, sk 10 loops*, repeat between ** to end.  Crochet as follows other side: *sk 10 loops, 10 loops tog with sc, fasten off*, repeat between ** to end. Make sure the 10 loops together is directly opposite the 10 loose loops.

Step 3. Fold the 10 loops together diagonally across to opposite side 10 loops together and connect them with 3 x sc around the scs that held the 10 loops together originally (this is called a 10 loops tog fold). Fasten off. Fold all 10 loops together the same way. Crochet free loops together as follows: (3 loops tog with sc, ch 5) x repeat until you reach a 10 loops tog fold, ch 5, 3 sc in 3 sc, ch 5, continue crochet 3 loops tog with sc + ch 5.

Step 4. Crochet other side as follows: Attach yarn in 10 loops tog fold with 3 sc, ch 5, (3 loops tog with sc, ch 5) x rep until the next 10 loops tog fold, 3 sc in 10 loops tog fold, ch 5. Rep to end. Fasten off.

Step 5. Crochet border. Reattach yarn in 3 loops tog with sc, hdc in same st, 3 ch picot in same st, 8 hdc in every 5 ch sp, hdc + 3 ch picot in sc holding 3 loops together, continue until you get to 10 loops tog fold, then sk 1 sc, hdc + 3-ch picot in middle sc, sk sc, 8 hdc in 5 ch sp. Repeat until you have crochet border all around. Fasten off. Weave in end.

Attach a string of yarn in the outer 3-ch picots. Attach the strings together at the back of neck. Congratulations on finishing the Crochet Choker Necklace.

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