Vintage Snowflake Crochet Pattern

How to crochet Snowflake Crochet Pattern


This pattern is from the 1940s Lily booklet for Easy to Crochet Table Cloths and Runners

MATERIALS—3 balls cr skeins Daisy Mercerized Crocliet Cotton size 20 or Skytone No. 2 for a cloth size 22″ X 42″.

STAR MOTIF—Ch 12 making 1st st 3 times usual size, dtr in long st, (ch 3, dtr in same long st) 10 times, ch 3, si st in 4th of next ch (counting from 1st dtr).

2nd Row—Ch 1, (4 sc over next 3-ch, sc in dtr) 11 times, 4 sc over 3-ch, sl st in 1st 1-ch.

3rd Row—* Ch 19, sl st in same place, (ch 6, sl st in 5th st from hook for a p) 6 times, ch 1, sl st at base of 2d p from hook, ** ch 5, si st in same place, ch 1, a 2-dc Cluster at bas3 of next p, ch 5, si st in top of Cluster for a p, ch 1, a 3-tr-Cluster at base of next p, a p, (ch 1, a 2-dtr-Cluster at base of next p, a p) twice, ch 1, si st in next 10th sc on center circle. ** Repeat from * 5 times. Fasten off. Make a 2d Star through Row 2.

4th Row—Ch 19, si st in same st, * (ch 6, p) 5 times, ch 3, sl st in tip of 1 point of 1st motif, ch 2, sl st back in 2d st of 3-ch, ch 1, sl st at base of next p. Repeat from ** to **. * Ch 15, sl st in 5th st from hook for a p, (ch 5, p) twice, ch 1, sl st in next ch-loop of 1st Motif, (ch 5, p) 3 times, ch 1, sk all 6 ps, sl st in next ch st, ch 9, si st in same sc on center. Repeat from * to * in this row to join next point to the next point on 1st Motif. Then complete Motif as for 1st one. Make and join 16 Motifs in a straight row for the center row (lengthwise) of Cloth. The next row on each side will have 15 Motifs, the next 14, the next 13, and the final row on each side, 12.

EDGE—Join to 1st of 2 free points on Motif at centerend of cloth, ch 14, tr in next ch-loop, ch 14, sc in next point, * (ch 14, tr in next ch-loop, ch 13, tr in joining of next 2 points, ch 13, tr in next ch-loop, ch 14, sc in next point) * 4 times, ch 14, tr in next ch-loop, ch 14, so in next point. Repeat from * to 11 times. Continue on around in same way. 2nd Row—Ch 5, si st in last sc for a p, (5 sc, p, 5 sc, p and 5 sc over next 14-ch) twice, sc in sc, a p, * (5 sc, p, 5 sc, p and 5 sc) over next 14-ch, (4 sc, p and 10 sc) over next 13-ch, 7 sc over next loop, ch 12 and fasten back in 4th sc from last p, 4 sc, p, 3 sc, p, (3 sc, p and 4 sc) over 12-ch, (4 sc, p and 3 sc) over bal. of next loop, (5 sc, p, 5 sc, p and 5 sc) over next 14-ch, sc in sc, a p. Repeat from * to next corner then make corner the same as 1st one. Continue around in same way. Fasten off.

Stretch to limit and pin Cloth right-side-down on a padded board or table or on curtain frames. Steam with a wet cloth and hot iron. If on frames, lay frames over an ironing board a section at a time and steam. Then press thro a dry cloth until perfectly dry


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