Top 10 Crochet Patterns for 2018

Crochet patterns easy to advanced skill level crochet patterns

This year has been filled with creativity. Below is the top 10 crochet patterns of 2018 from CrochetArtDesign :) I am hoping that in 2019 I will have even more time to create. Life gets so hectic sometimes. How much time to you get to crochet?

Number 10. Crochet Dinosaur Wire Pattern

crochet dinosaur pattern dinosaur crochet pattern amigurumi

This T-rex crochet pattern is quick and easy to make. It also very tiny and won’t take you long to complete. Get this crochet dinosaur pattern here for free.

Number 9. Crochet Hairpin Choker pattern

crochet hairpin choker pattern hairpin crochet choker pattern

This beautiful hairpin pattern is intermediate in skill level. If you are familiar with hairpin crochet, you will most likely find this pattern straightforwar to make. Get this crochet hairpin choker pattern for free here.

Number 8. Crochet Ladybug crochet pattern.

crochet ladybug pattern ladybug crochet pattern

This Ladybug is so cute. The pattern uses wire to make the ladybug bendable. This crochet pattern is miniature and skill level is easy to intermediate. You can get this ladybug crochet pattern for free here.

Number 7. Crochet Rose Pattern.

crochet rose pattern rose crochet pattern

This crochet rose patter is stunning and easy to make. You will crochet the stem over a barbecue stick. You can get this adorable Rose crochet pattern here.

Number 6. Crochet Beanie pattern.

crochet beanie pattern beanie crochet pattern

This beanie uses Broomstick Crochet technique as well as regular crochet. It is intermediate to advanced in skill level. Get this beautiful crochet beanie here.

Number 5. Crochet Hairpin Camel Pattern.

crochet camel pattern camel crochet pattern

This camel crochet pattern is advanced skill level. It uses hairpin crochet technique as well as regular crochet. This pattern is also a video patreon tutorial. You can get this camel crochet pattern for free here.

Number 4. Giraffe Crochet Pattern.

crochet giraffe amigurumi pattern giraffe crochet pattern

This crochet giraffe is a fold-me-up crochet pattern. This giraffe is also a miniature crochet pattern. It’s so cute. What takes time making this, is all the giraffe spots :D. Get this crochet giraffe pattern for free here.

Number 3. Crochet Viking Ship.

crochet viking ship free pattern viking ship crochet pattern

This crochet Viking ship is an Advanced crochet pattern. It uses bullion stitches, Slanting cluster stitches, Front Loop Treble and Front Loop Double Treble (FPTR and FPDTR). It also uses Hairpin crochet technique to create the dragon head. Click here to get this crochet viking ship pattern.

Number 2. Crochet Christmas Mermaid Pattern.

crochet doll mermaid pattern mermaid crochet amigurumi pattern

This super cute Christmas Mermaid is very easy to make and is a miniature crochet pattern. She will keep your Christmas spirits high through the holiday :D Get this cute Christmas Crochet Mermaid pattern for free here.

Number 1. The Wild and Crazy Crochet Kangaroo.

This kangaroo is very sensory and would love to be a therapy toy for someone who needs a furry friend. You can get this crochet kangaroo pattern for free here.

Crochet Cup Cozies of 2018

The snail, the hedgehog, and the reindeer cup cozy.

crochet cup cozy pattern cup cozy crochet pattern

The fisherman, the octopus, and the fish cup cozy.

crochet cup cozy pattern cup cozy crochet pattern

Click here to get this cup cozy pattern.

The mushroom, the hedgehog, the snail, and the ladybug cup cozy

crochet cup amigurumi cozy

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