Felted Doll ~ Badger Girl

Felted doll

Once upon a time in the enchanting world of Woolington, there lived a unique and charming felted doll named Bramble. What set Bramble apart from the other dolls in Woolington was her striking resemblance to a badger. Her creators, skilled artisans in the art of felting, had meticulously crafted her soft, woolen exterior to capture the essence of the woodland creature.

Bramble’s body was a patchwork of rich browns and grays, mirroring the distinctive fur patterns of a badger. Her button-like eyes twinkled with mischievous curiosity, and a tiny, embroidered pink nose nestled between two fluffy ears. Her paws, fashioned from the finest felt, featured delicate claws that hinte

Living in a cozy cottage nestled between moss-covered trees, Bramble became a beloved companion to a child named Lucy. From the moment Lucy laid eyes on Bramble in the quaint toy shop, she felt an instant connection to the badger-like doll. Bramble, in turn, found a friend and confidante in Lucy.

Together, they embarked on countless adventures in the imaginary forests of Woolington. Bramble, with her badger-like agility, would lead Lucy through imaginary thickets and over make-believe streams. The other toys in Lucy’s collection often joined in their escapades, forming a close-knit community of playmates.

As the seasons changed in Woolington, so did Bramble’s adventures. In the warmth of spring, she would don a tiny flower crown and guide Lucy on quests to find magical blooms. During summer, she became the guardian of the miniature garden, ensuring that imaginary creatures didn’t disturb the tranquility of their make-believe world.

Autumn brought a new set of activities, with Bramble assisting Lucy in gathering felted acorns and leaves for their pretend woodland feast. When winter’s chill set in, Bramble transformed into a cozy companion, keeping Lucy warm with his fuzzy presence during imaginary snowball fights and sledding escapades.

Bramble, the felted badger doll, was more than just a toy to Lucy. She was a vessel of imagination, a conduit for creativity, and a steadfast friend. Together, they taught the inhabitants of Woolington the magic of make-believe and the enduring power of friendship, proving that even a felted badger doll could inspire the most enchanting tales in the whimsical world of childhood.

How I made Badgergurl

Badgergurl is a creation inspired by the Norse beliefs in having a fylgja. In my own fylgja vision quest, I discovered my fylgja is Badger. I thus made a doll who is half human, half badger. Or perhaps she is half fairy and half badger.

I crochet her dress and decorated it with tatted flowers. I also crochet her boots and decorated them with tatted flowers as well.

I began tatting a few years ago and it has transformed many of my crochet pieces.

Tatting has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years, as contemporary artisans and crafters rediscover the joy of creating these timeless lace designs. In addition to traditional patterns, modern tatters often experiment with colors, textures, and innovative techniques, breathing new life into this age-old art form.

Tatting to the decoration rescue

One of the defining features of tatting is the creation of picots, small loops or spaces between stitches, which contribute to the lace’s airy and intricate appearance. Tatters carefully control the tension of the thread to ensure uniformity in the loops and knots, resulting in a visually stunning piece of lacework.

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