How to crochet feather

How to crochet a feather ~ Free Crochet Pattern. Crochet Materials Crochet hook size 4.0 Crochet yarn 4 ply, color of your choice. Sewing needle. Scissors. Crochet Feather Pattern instructions Row 1. *Ch 10, turn, sl st in next ch, sc in next ch, hdc in next ch, dc in next ch, tr in [...]

Crochet Eagle Lace

How to Crochet Lace Eagle ~ Free Lace Animal Crochet Pattern Crochet lace eagle is inspired by nature and my love for birds and the natural world. This pattern is advanced skill level. It is 3 dimensional and more or less crochet in one go. A couple of times only do you have to [...]

Free Hairpin Phoenix Crochet Pattern

How to Hairpin Crochet Phoenix ~ Free Crochet pattern Crochet Material Heirloom 100 % cotton yarn (color of your choice) Crochet hook size 3.0 Crochet stitches: This pattern uses US crochet stitch abbreviations. Chains (ch) Slip stitch (sl st) Single crochet (sc) Half double crochet (hdc) 3-ch picot stitch Free Hairpin Crochet tutorial ~ [...]

Crochet Lace Yellow Bird

Crochet Yellow Lace bird Crochet Lace Yellow Bird is a beautiful motif that can be used in creating all sorts of decorations and clothing items. Crochet Materials Crochet hook size 3.0 mm Crochet yarn 100 % cotton in yellow and black. Sewing needle. Crochet stitches This pattern uses chain (ch), slip stitch (sl st), [...]

Crochet Hairpin Gypsy Poncho

How to Crochet a Hairpin Gypsy Poncho ~ And be a Knockout at Local Festivals Crochet Instructions. Make to Angel Hairpin Motifs as seen in image below. Click here to get pattern. One is a motif for the front and one is a motif for the back. Connect the two with either a chain [...]

Little piggy amigurumi crochet pattern

Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern ~ Little Piggy This pattern is inspired by my favourite muppet; Miss Piggy :) Crochet Material: 4 ply yarn, the colour of your choice, orange fluffy yarn. Crochet hook size 3.0. Sewing needle. Craft eyes. Scissors. Crochet Stitches This pattern uses US stitch abbreviations. Chains (ch) Slip stitch (sl st) Single [...]

Broomstick and Hairpin Flower

How to crochet a broomstick and hairpin flower Crochet level: Advanced. Free Crochet tutorial This pattern uses US crochet stitch abbreviation.  Crochet Material Broomstick needle Hairloom Crochet hook size 3.0 Sewing needle Scissors Crochet yarn: Botanica multicoloured. I use one with predominate blue colors and one with predominate yellow colours. Crochet Instruction Start by Broomstick [...]

Free Filet Crochet Pattern little bird

Free Filet Crochet Pattern ~ Little Birds. Crochet Materials: Crochet cotton no 10: About 1755 meters. Steel hook US size 7 or size for gauge. Crochet Gauge: Using crochet cotton size 10: 10 squares = 5.8 cm, 10 rows = 6.3 cm. Approximate finished size: Using crochet cotton size 10: width = 70.1 cm, [...]

Hairpin Coral Motif

How to Crochet Hairpin Coral Motif. Crochet Materials: Yarn: Thorobred scheepjeswool linnen light blue, Scrap yarn 4 ply white yarn, Vera Moda Fayette Yarn Multicolor. Heirloom Crochet hook size 3.0 Sewing needle. Scissors. Crochet instructions. This crochet pattern uses US stitch abbreviation.  Use the 2nd smallest option on your heirloom, and have one short loop, and [...]