Heirloom bobble crochet earrings

How to crochet Heirloom bobble crochet earrings tutorial

You are bound to attract some attention wearing these chunky earrings! This is another heirloom crochet obsessed project where I started freestyling on the loom and something magical appeared. I love these chunky earrings as they are very colorful and cheeky, not to mention FUN. You can almost knock yourself out wearing them!

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Crochet the same pattern each side of the heirloom.

Use the full width of the heirloom.

Crochet Materials:

Carnivale Bramley yarn


Crochet size 5.5

Crochet heirloom tutorial step by step.

Make 2.

Special stitches: Bobble stitch (create using 5 tr tog) and Picot stitch. 

This crochet pattern uses UK stitch abbreviation.

This heirloom crochet pattern starts with creating 15 loops each side on loom.

Start with connecting first 2 loops with 1 x sc each, then 3rd loops together with (sc + bobble st), * continue crochet 3 loops together with sc, and every 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th and 15th loops together with (sc + bobble st). You now have 15 loops and 5 bobble stitches. Remove work from loom.

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Continue crochet as follows:

Insert hook through all 15 loops one side and connect them with 1 x sc. Now use remaining yarn from the first loop of the heirloom work and insert it through the 15 loops the other side. Attach with sc. Reinsert hook in sc other side and turn work inside out,  sl st in sc you just created opposite side. 1 x picot in sl st. Push the bobble stitches through the bottom if they aren’t already popping out. Fasten off. Attach earring studs. You have now made your own divine heirloom crochet earrings. Congratulations!

crochet earrings chunky

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