Decoupage Flower Pots

How to make your Own Deadly Decoupage Flower Pots

Flower pots Decoupage

You will need:

Flower pots

Spray paint white

Modge Podge glue or Decoupage glue


Tattoo Magazine

Paint brushes

Black paint (optional)


Gladwrap (optional)

Decoupage project

Decoupage Instructions

Spraypaint the flower pots white. Cut out some deadly looking Tattoo designs from a magazine, or print out from images found online. Glue images onto the flower pot. Optional: Wrap glad wrap on images to make wrinkles disappear, and smooth out bubbles. Remove glad wrap when wrinkles and bubbles are gone. With a paint brush put glue on images (only on images, not anywhere else). Wait until it dries. Optional: With a small paint sponge, paint the top edge of the pots black. Spray with a varnish gloss. Now it is finished.

Decoupage Flower potsDecoupage flower pots

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