Crochet Beach Sandals

Crochet Beach Sandals

Imagine walking down the beach wearing these. :)

Crochet Beach Sandals

This crochet pattern uses the Hairpin Lace Jewelry pattern for its main sandal part. Click on link or image to get this full pattern.

crochet hairpin motif jewelry

The next part is the Sandal Straps or Cord. It is made using Chainless single crochet cord. Pattern below explains all.

Crochet chainless single crochet cord

149 chainless sc cord. This video explains how you can crochet a chainless single crochet cord.

*1 bullion st, 1 hdc in next 2 sc*, rep to end, end with 1 bullion st in last sc. Attach to Sandal as follow. Stitch bullion number 65 in corner bullion on sandal. Skip 19 bullion stitches on cord. Stitch next bullion stitch after you skipped 19 bullion stitches to the other corner bullion stitch of sandal. Slip your foot into the opening and weave your toes into the opening in the front of the sandal. Use the cord to tie around your foot. This pattern uses a lot of Bullion stitches. Watch the video tutorial how to crochet Bullion stitch here.

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