How to Crochet Hairpin Coral Motif.

Crochet Coral hairpin

Crochet Materials:

Yarn: Thorobred scheepjes wool linen light blue, Scrap yarn 4 ply white yarn, Vera Moda Fayette Yarn Multicolor.


Crochet hook size 3.0

Sewing needle.


Crochet instructions.

This crochet pattern uses US stitch abbreviation. 

Use the 2nd smallest option on your heirloom, and have one short loop, and one long loop.

On the short end, crochet 1 sc in front loop.

On the long end, crochet 1 sc in back loop. This will create a 3D effect.

Make the short loop gradually longer per turn, and the long loop gradually shorter. After 15 turns (15 loops per side) per side, the short loop has become the long loop and vice versa. See picture. Repeat process x 3, all up 60 loops per side.

hairpin crochet on the loom

Remove work from the loom. Starting from long side, attach 15 loops together with 1 sc, (15 loops together with 1 sc) x 2, 15 loops together with 1 sc, sl st in last sc. Fasten off. Continue crochet on the other side.

1 sc in 1st loop, *ch 1, 1 sc in next loop*, repeat to end, count 30 ch sp on the row you just crochet, 1 sl st in the 30iest ch sp. Fasten off. Count another 10 ch sps: use the thread left over from when you created the 1st sc in the 1st loop, sl st in the ch sps (40th ch sps). This gives the piece a great 3D effect. Fasten off.

hairpin 3d effect flower motif

Attach white yarn in last sl st with sl st. Ch 3, sk sc, sc in next ch sp, (ch 3, sc in next ch sp) x 15. Fold work over and sl st where you attached the white yarn. Continue crochet ch 3, 1 sc in next ch sp across all folds (start with the small fold). Fasten off.

Now you will create a new fold by counting 10 ch sp on the flat back piece, sl st in next sc tog where the sc meets the piece in front of it. See pic. Create another fold by count another 8 3 ch sps on the back piece from last sl st, sl st in next sc tog where next fold’s sc naturally meets. See pic.

Hairpin flower motif 3d effect

Attach multi-colored yarn in same sl st as last sl st. In next 3 ch sp crochet: (sc + hdc + dc + tr), (ch 3, sc + hdc + dc + tr in next 3 ch sp) x repeat around outside of flower, end with sl st in sc.

Continue crochet next round as follows: sc in sc, hdc in hdc, dc in dc, tr in tr, ch 5. Repeat around, end with sl st in sc. Fasten off.

Reattach yarn with a sl st in 1st sc before the first 3 ch sp inside folds. Crochet (ch 3, sc + hdc + dc + tr in next 3 ch sp) x around each fold inside of flower. End with sl st in next st. Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Final crochet Hairpin product. 

Crochet Coral hairpin

About Hairpin Crochet

Hairpin crochet is by far my favourite crochet style. I absolutely love it. It is my passion. The best thing about it is….you never know what you are making until it is finished! This time, I thought I’d make a star….then it turned into a flower….and then when finished, I see it is in fact sea coral….:) How wonderful….the crochet piece is making itself….Have you got any crochet stories, and patterns you want to share on this site…well, don’t hesitate: Click here, and submit your crochet work.


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