crochet easter bunny pattern easter bunny crochet pattern

Crochet Materials

Crochet hook size 3.0 mm

Yarn: pink (100 % acrylic), black + white (eyes), red (mouth), blue (basket)

Sewing needle


How to crochet Easter Bunny

Begin by crocheting the feet, then the body, then the head, the arms, and the ears. Use pink yarn.

Bunny feet. Make 2.

Use double strain. Ch 7, turn, 6 sc over 7-ch cord. Fold and stitch sides together.

Bunny body.

Row 1. Ch 5, turn, 4 hdc over the ch-cord. Stitch into a ball.

Bunny head.

Row 1. Ch 7, turn, 6 hdc over ch-7 cord. Stitch onto a ball. Stitch onto the body.

Bunny nose.

Ch 2, 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook. Stitch into a ball using a sewing needle. Stitch to face.

Bunny arms. Make 2.

Ch 4, fasten off. roll into a ball. stitch in place using a sewing needle. Stitch the arms onto the body just below the head.

Bunny ears. Make 2.

Row 1. Ch 5, turn, 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in remaining chs. Turn.

Row 2. 2 sc in 1st sc, sc in remaining sc to turning ch, 2 sc in turning ch. Turn.

Row 3. Sc in sc. Fasten off.

Stitch ears onto bunny head.

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Crochet Bunny’s Basket

Use blue yarn.

Round 1. Chain 4, turn, 11 tr in 4th ch from hook, sl st in ch 4.

Row 2. 2 hdc in tr, 1 hdc in next tr. Continue to end.

Round 3. 1 hdc in each hdc around.

Round 4. Ch 3, sc in next st. Continue to end. Fasten off.