Crochet for pets

The Best of Pet Crochet (in my opinion)

Number 5. Cat house.

This adorable cat house pattern is easy to make and brings plenty of joy to your furry angel. You can find the pattern here. 

cat house crochet pattern

Number 4. Chicken Sweater. 

This is certainly one of a kind crochet pattern found on Etsy by the shop Bagsandmorebypam. 

chicken sweater crochet pattern

Number 3. Dog sling.

I Love the Dog sling. This pattern is easy to make and the finished product can also be used as a hammock in the garden for your little fur-friend. You can find the pattern here. 

dog sling crochet pattern

Number 2. Cat tie.

The kitten wears it better than a Victoria secrets model. This is a free pattern, and you can find it here. 

cat tie

Number 1. And The Winner Is…..

I fell in love with this lil pug and the pompom hat. I am sure if you have a pug you would be very tempted to try this on. The pattern is simple and quick to make. It is even 100 % free. You can find the pattern here.

crochet dog hat

If you are an animal lover like myself this post might have put a smile on your face. There were so many cute patterns I really could go on forever and ever.

Which one is your favourite?


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