Tree of life crochet pattern

How to Crochet the Tree of Life Hairpin Lace pattern

Crochet Materials:

Mohair (at least 20 %) wool

Crochet hook size 6.5 and 3.0.

A colorful gemstone or crystal.

tree of life crochet pattern free

Crochet instructions

Special stitches: Bobble stitch (5 tr together).

Set the pins on hairpin to size 2 (two empty holes between pins). Use crochet hook size 6.5.

With yellow yarn, Create 20 loops each side, every second loops has a (sc + bobble stitch in sc) each side. Sl st in bottom of Bobble stitch. The alternate loops have 1 sc each side.

Detach work from heriloom loom. Crochet 8 loops together with sc, ch 3, 4 loops together with sc, ch 3, 8 loops together with sc. Turn, ch 3, sk 3 ch, 1 sc in sc, ch 3, 1 sc in 1st loop other side. Turn, ch 3, sk 3 ch, 1 sc in sc, 3 ch, 1 sc in 1st loop other side. do not turn, *1 picot in same st, ch 3, 3 loops together with sc, 1 picot in same sc, ch 3, 1 sc in next loop*, continue between ** to end. Pop all bobble stitches right side out. Now your tree of life will look like picture below.

tree of life

Attach green yarn with crochet hook size 3. Sl st across with picot in every picot + picot in the middle sts between picots.

Crochet around your favorite gemstone. Use yellow yarn and crochet hook 6.5. Make sure the gemstone or crystal is not too heavy as this will ruin the shape of the tree of life. Ch 5, sl st in ch 1. 15 tr in ring. Depending on the shape of your gemstone crochet with ch across the body of the gemstone and attach with sl st in middle of ring. Make sure you secure your gemstone and at the same time keep some of the stone visible.

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