Crochet Hairpin Gypsy Poncho

How to Crochet a Hairpin Gypsy Poncho ~ And be a Knockout at Local Festivals

Hairpin Crochet Poncho

Crochet Instructions.

Make to Angel Hairpin Motifs as seen in image below. Click here to get pattern.

Crochet hairpin angel motif

One is a motif for the front and one is a motif for the back. Connect the two with either a chain or string. I used craft leather string. I attached wire to the ends by wrapping around the string, and then I created a loop. In the loop I attached a safety pin that I attached to the motifs front and back.
Use chunky yarn and create the poncho fringe. Attach 9 pieces of chunky yarn to the front and back. Wear your Gypsy poncho on top of singlets, or dresses. 🙂

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