How to Decoupage a Vase

How to Decoupage a Glass Vase Instructions

decoupage flower vase decoupage flower vase

Skill levels: Beginner.

Decoupage Materials:

Decoupage glue or Multihesive glue (make sure it can glue on glass).

Craft glue stick.

A glass vase


A Tattoo Ideas Magazine

Paint brushes.

Glitter varnish.

Decoupage Glass Vase Instructions

Print some floral designs on tissue paper. To do this use a craft glue stick and attach tissue paper on printing paper. Cut the edges of tissue paper so that they are the same size as printing paper.

decoupage instructions decoupage instructions

Print floral designs onto the tissue paper. Detach tissue paper from the other paper. Glue the surfaces of the glass vase with the decoupage glue or multihesive glue. Attach the floral tissue paper onto the glass surface. Now it is time to glue some awesome tattoo designs onto your glass vase. Tattoo Ideas Magazine prints their designs on perfect decoupage paper, and can be used in all kinds of decoupage projects. Cut close to the chosen designs edges. Glue on top of tissue paper. Be creative in your decorations. You will amaze yourself in how awesome your vase will become.

decoupage vase Decoupage Vase

Glue with Decoupage glue on top of the finished designs. You can also spray on a glitter varnish for more sparkly results.

decoupage vase

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