Scrap fabric Stuffed Animal Snake

scrap yarn stuffed animal snake tutorial

Stuffed Animal Snake Inspiration from Scrap Fabric Here is some inspiration for the novice sewer who has scrap yarn to get rid of. Follow these easy step by step instructions. Step 1. Cut a long string of your scrap yarn. Cut a square of a different type scrap yarn (in this case I used fluffy … Read more

How to make a Fairy House with Succulents

How to make your own Fairy house and decorate it with Succulents Materials: One Teracotta pot. A hammer. Soil mix. Succulents. Rocks. Paint. Mosaic tiles. Glass pebbles. Plastic flowers. Tree branches. Fairy house instructions step by step with pictures. Punch out an opening in the front of the pot. Smash up the ceramics into smaller … Read more

Eccentric decoupage bookshelf

How to make an eccentric bookshelf from an old bike wheel and a decoupaged flowerpot Take a wheel off an old bike (see what happened to the rest of the bike here) and spray paint it black. Decoupage a rectangular flower pot with images from a magazine, in this case, the Mad magazine. Use hooks … Read more

Upcycled old bike garden feature

How to turn a broken down bike into a colourful garden feature. All you need is a broken down bike, spray paints, flower pots, mask, hooks, gerberas, decoupage glue, paint brushes, and magazines (in this case Tattoo magazines and Mad). First of all, decoupage some old flower pots. See how to do this here. Then take … Read more

Decoupage Flower Pots

How to make your Own Deadly Decoupage Flower Pots You will need: Flower pots Spray paint white Modge Podge glue or Decoupage glue Scissors Tattoo Magazine Paint brushes Black paint (optional) Varnish Gladwrap (optional) Decoupage Instructions Spraypaint the flower pots white. Cut out some deadly looking Tattoo designs from a magazine, or print out from images … Read more

How to make a frog house

How to make a cute frog house for the garden using a plastic bottle. In this tutorial, you will learn how you can make a cute frog house for your garden. You will need: A plastic bottle Scissors Glue Grout Craft rocks Spray paint Varnish Instructions Cut a plastic bottle in half, and cut out … Read more

Crochet Heart Earrings

crochet heart earrings

How to Crochet Heart Earrings ~ Free Crochet Tutorial. This pattern creates a heart shaped crochet basket. I had 2 heart shaped motifs that came off my beach slippers and decided to use them in my next crochet project in the new ‘from trash to treasure’ series. This pattern uses UK stitch abbreviations. For US … Read more

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