How to crochet heirloom pendulum tutorial

I love crochet on the heirloom. It has become something of an obsession. This crochet pattern was made while experimenting on the heirloom and using beads for decoration. I trust you will have fun making this crochet heirloom pattern. 

Special stitch: Picot stitch. 

crochet pendulum beach crochet pattern

Crochet Materials


Crochet hook size 3.0 and 1.o.

Yarn: Fayette 60 % Superwash wool + 40 % Polyamide.

Crochet instruction step by step.

Round 1. 1 sc each loop until 3 loops each side: 3 loops together with 1 sc. 3 loops together every round (each sc ends up one loop above the last). After 8 loops each side remove work from heirloom.

Round 2. Pull 2 loops through previous 2 loops twice. Repeat other side. Insert 2 loops through a bead (as picture 1 and picture 2 show) using crochet hook size 1.0.

Round 3. Attach yarn to 2 loops with sc. *Attach to next 2 loops with sc*, continue between ** until all loops are connected, 1 sl st opposite side to tighten the gap. End with 1 picot in sl st.

Go to a special place where you feel like you can connect with nature and look for a rock to put inside your crochet pendulum. You can also use gemstones and crystals. The rock will give your pendulum weight which is important for it to work properly.

crochet heirloom tutorial
Picture 1
crochet heirloom tutorial
Picture 2
crochet pendulum free pattern


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