This is a broomstick crochet pattern. The rose and leaves are made using broomstick crochet technique. Get the Crochet Rose video tutorial Here.

Crochet materials

Crochet yarn 100 % acrylic in red, green, and brown.

Crochet hook size 3.0

Broomstick Thick Knitting needle 12 mm


Sushi stick

28 gauge copper wire (optional)

Sewing needle


Crochet Rose Broomstick Pattern

crochet rose pattern rose crochet pattern

Crochet rose petal small.

Use red yarn. Chain 60, pull 60 loops on 24 mm broomstick knitting needle. Remove work off the broomstick. Fold in half. Pull 2 and 2 loops together on opposite side times 3 so that you have all up 6 loops together (3 per side). Secure with a slip stitch. 7 sc across 1st 6 loops together. Attach 6 more loops together with sl st. Crochet 3 sc +3-ch picot + 3 sc in loops. Repeat last 6 loops to end. Fasten off. Weave in ends. Fold the work together.

Rose stem.

Before you work outside rose petals, begin making the rose stem. It is a lot easier to attach the larger rose petals if you have attached the smaller rose petals already to the stem. Use a sushi stick or barbecue stick. To make it easier to attach the yarn, one trick that I use is that I first wrap some wire across the stick. The wrap brown yarn across the stick and keep secure under some wire. Stitch the rose petals to stem.

Crochet leaves (make 4)

Use green yarn and chain 3, pull 3 loops onto the broomstick. Remove from broomstick. 14 sc all around (if you can’t fit 14, that’s fine too). Make sure the single crochet stitches are evenly worked around the loops. Fasten off. When you weave in ends, stitch the opening together. Stitch leaves to stem.

Crochet large rose petals

Work outside rose petals as follows. Chain 30, pull 30 loops over a ruler. Remove work off the ruler. Fold in half. Start at the top where the fold is. Pull 2 loops each side together with a slip stitch + 3-ch picot + 6 sc. Continue as follows down the fold: Pull 1 loop each side together with a slip stitch + 3-ch picot + 6 sc. Repeat pull 1 loop each side together with sl st + 3-ch picot + 6 sc to end. Fasten off. Weave in ends. Fold the work over the previous rose petals you worked.


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