Crochet Hairpin Swan

crochet swan pattern

This is an Advanced Pattern for the Crochet Enthusiast and it is Only free for my Subscribers :) This crochet pattern is made on and off the heirloom. You will make the swan head, body, and tail in one go, and then you will make the wing separate. The wing is stitched on in the end. 

Heirloom on 2nd smallest setting.52 loops each side.Use a sewing needle to stitch the loops together. Stitch the loops together to give the Swan its form. Then you can crochet in the remaining loops.22 loops together. This will be the swan  Continue connecting loops on the other end of the work.

This will be the swan tail.

Connect loops as follows so the ‘tail’ bends in the opposite direction to the head: 9 loops together.On the other side of loops on the tail end, sk 8 loops, 16 loops together.Fold the swan by bending the head over to the middle, and then flip the head over to the other side which creates the shape of a Swan.

Continue crochet on swan head side. With a sewing needle, thread a loop around the next 17 loops individually. Stretch the neck out. Sl st in the first loop after the 17 loops, fold it over and slip stitch it to the middle sc, get the next loop and continue this process for the neck loops (7 loops all up). Do the same for the loops on the other side. This time, use a sewing needle.

On the tail side, begin crochet loops on the opposite side to 9 loops together. Crochet each 9 loops individually with 1 sc, ch 1. Turn after sc in 9th loop.

Continue crochet Swan tail as follows:

Crochet next row as follows: *Ch 5, sl st in next sc, ch 3, sl st in next sc*, continue between ** to end. Turn.

Crochet next row as follows. In ch 5 sp crochet: 3 sc + 3-ch picot + 3 sc, and in 3-ch sp crochet: 3 sc. Fasten off.

Fold the wing over so that the picots are facing downwards.

All that is left now before crochet the wing is to complete the chest area. Begin where neck ends and crochet 2 loops together with sc, *ch 2, Sc in next loop*, continue between ** to end, sl st in last picot of tail.

Begin crochet Wing.

On heirloom, crochet 24 loops each side connected with sc in the middle. Still use the 2nd smallest setting.

Off the loom, crochet tip of wing as follows: 8 loops together with a sc. On the loops opposite side, crochet as follows: sk 6 loops, crochet 12 loops together with sc. Begin crochet beginning of wing: crochet the remaining loops into the middle scs of the work as we did with the neck of the swan. On the opposite side: use a sewing needle and stitch the 6 loops into the middle of the sc of the work as before.

Continue crochet in the remaining 10 unworked loops in the middle as follows: 1 sc in 1st loop, * ch 2, 1 sc in next loop*, continue to end. Sl st in the beginning of the wing.

Continue crochet in the last 6 remaining loops: 1 sc in 1st loop, *ch 3, 1 sc in next loop, ch 5, 1 sc in next loop*, rep between ** to end, turn. Crochet 3 sc in 3-ch sp and (3sc + 3-ch picot + 3 sc) in 5-ch sp across. Fasten off.

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