Upcycled old bike garden feature

How to turn a broken down bike into a colourful garden feature.

diy garden feature

All you need is a broken down bike, spray paints, flower pots, mask, hooks, gerberas, decoupage glue, paint brushes, and magazines (in this case Tattoo magazines and Mad).

First of all, decoupage some old flower pots. See how to do this here. Then take the front wheel off the bike as it will become an eccentric bookshelf. See what happened to the front wheel here. Spray paint the bike in green, red, and brown. Go nuts, and don’t hold back. It is a good idea to wear a mask while spray painting. Put Gerberas in the decoupaged pots. Use hooks and attach them to the bike. It is soooo easy….and sooo very cool. All your neighbours will be jealous of your stand out feature! 😀

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