Scorpion wire wrap jewellery bracelet

Wire Wrap Scorpion Tutorial

Wire Wrap Scorpion.

Scorpion wire wrap jewellery bracelet

I had so much fun making this. Basically, I followed the step by step pattern found here.  This tutorial is so easy to follow. If you want to make a cool bracelet scorpion, all you have to do is to follow the pictures and then do what I did, wrap the Scorpion legs around your wrists. I also added some beads to give it some extra bling! :)

What will you need to make the Scorpion wire wrap bracelet?

You will need wire (26 gauge and 20 gauge). You can also use 18 gauge instead of 20. Basically, you will need soft and hard wire. For the Scorpion you will use the hard wire (20 or 18 gauge) and for the decoration with beads you will use soft wire (26 or 28 gauge). You will also need wire snips and pliers.

Have fun with this project.


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