How to wire wrap an Agate necklace

How to wire wrap you own Agate necklace.

wire wrap jewellery

Wire wrap Material:

Agate slice, 24 gauge wire, 28 gauge wire, pliers.

Wire wrap instructions with pictures.

The best advice I can give when it comes to wire wrapping jewellery is this: HAVE LOTS OF FUN! The way you coil the wire is your own individual expression. No wire wraps are the same.

Cut 3 pieces of 24 gauge wire, about 30 cm each. Attach them together by wire wrapping 28 gauge wire around all the wire pieces in two different spots as picture below shows.


Bend the two wires each side using pliers, and put the Agate in the middle.

Wire wrap agate

Fold the wire ‘arms’ around the Agate. Use the pliers to coil the wire. Make sure the wire wraps around both the top end and the bottom end of the Agate, so that it doesn’t slip out of the wire.


Use the pliers to bend the wire in desired directions. Wrap the ends of the wire around itself so that no sharp edges are left sticking out.

wire wrap jewellery

Wire wrapping your own jewellery is a very satisfying and relaxing activity.

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