Celtic Weave stitch Crochet tutorial with video step by step

Crochet stitches used:

Chains (ch)

Treble (tr)

Front Post Treble (FPTR)

Back Post Treble (BPTR)

Celtic Weave Stitch Instructions

I advice watching the video tutorial as it shows how to do this stitch. It is easier to learn by watching the tutorial then trying to make sense of the written tutorial.

This pattern uses US stitch abbreviation.

To crochet a Cable stitch, you must begin with a chain that is multiply by 4+2 and then add 2 chains in the foundation row.

In this example, chain 16.

Row 1. 1 tr in 4th ch from hook, 1 tr in each ch to end. Turning ch counts as first tr. 14 tr all up. Turn.

Crochet Front Post Treble Stitches (FPTR)

Row 2. Ch 3, *sk 2 tr, 1 FPTR around the next 2 tr, go back and crochet 1 FPTR around the 2 trebles you skipped. This creates a crossing over effect*, continue between ** to end. End with 1 tr in the last tr.

Crochet Back Post Treble Stitches (BPTR)

Row 3. Ch 3, 1 BPTR in the next 2 FPTR closest to the crochet hook (they are hiding behind the work), *sk the next 2 FPTR, 1 BPTR in the next 2 FPTR, go back and crochet 1 BPTR in the 2 FPTR you skipped*, continue between ** to end. End with 1 BPTR in last 2 FPTR and  1 tr in last tr.

Repeat 2nd and 3rd row until you have the desired length.


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