Filet Crochet Horse Pattern

horse filet crochet pattern free horse crochet pattern

Free Crochet Filet Pattern ~ Horse Freedom

Free filet crochet pattern horse filet crochet free pattern

Crochet hook size US 7.

Crochet cotton yarn, 10 ply, about 1140 yrds.

Filet Crochet instructions

This crochet pattern uses US stitch abbreviation.

Ch 301. Ch 3 to turn which will count as first double crochet of first row. Dc in 5th chain from hook. Dc in next 2 chs to complete bottom right solid square of row 2. Continue following pattern first-row reading pattern right to left. After completing first row, ch 3 to turn to start next row. Continue following the pattern until row 100 is complete. To complete pattern, follow pattern diagrams below.

Approx finished size: Using crochet cotton size 10: 23.0 inches wide and 25 inches tall.

See how to crochet a filet pattern here.

Filet Crochet stitch by stitch chart ~ Horse Freedom

In the below chart, you can see stitch by stitch how to crochet this pattern. I suggest you print out this filet crochet stitch chart as well as the filet crochet chart below. It is easier when you have these patterns in paper form for some reason, and it is a lot less strenuous on your eyes when you don’t have to look at the computer screen. CLICK ON FILET CROCHET IMAGE TO MAKE IT BIGGER TO PRINT OUT.

Free filet crochet pattern horse filet crochet free pattern

Filet crochet chart ~ Horse freedom

Free filet crochet pattern horse filet crochet free pattern

More free filet crochet patterns

I never tire of Filet Crochet pattern. Filet crochet is, in my opinion, a hidden gem in the crochet world. If you are interested in making more advanced crochet pieces, I strongly recommend that you learn this skill. Crochet is therapy, and crochet is art. Crochet is a skill that can change your whole life. It is meditation, and Filet crochet will help you master the art of concentration and meditation. See more filet crochet patterns here.

Reindeer Totem

reindeer filet crochet pattern

Reindeer Totem Filet Crochet Pattern ~ Shop on Etsy

reindeer filet crochet pattern‘Reindeer Totem’ is a beautiful filet crochet pattern that will look best as a window piece or wall decor with light shining through it. ‘Reindeer Totem’ is inspired by the Spirit of Reindeers who is resilient and adaptable. This crochet pattern will be instantly downloaded upon received payment and it comes with instructions how to start the pattern and how to read the pattern. It also comes with a Crochet Stitch comparison chart and a Crochet Pattern in Symbols chart. You can purchase this pattern here. 

Crochet Materials:
Crochet cotton no 10. Steel hook US size 7 or size for gauge.

Using crochet cotton size 10: 10 squares = 2.3 inches, 10 rows = 2.5 inches.

Approximate finished size:
Using crochet cotton size 10 and US crochet hook size 7: width = 24.8 inches, height = 30.8 inches.

Learn more about how to Filet crochet here.

Crochet patterns from The NorthernGypsie on Etsy

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