How to Crochet beginner

How to crochet

There is one thing you need to know about crochet. It is easy! You can learn it in no time. The best thing is: There are no limits to the amazing things you can create with this simple technique. You will be impressing your friends and family in no time!

Free Bird Bolero Crochet Pattern

Click on image to get this pattern. Or Click Here. 

crochet bird bolero

What do you need to Crochet

Number 1. A crochet hook.

Number 2. Yarn.

Number 3. Time.

How to hold a crochet hook

When holding a crochet hook you start by gripping your hand over the hook similar to holding a knife. Place your hand over the hook and position your fingers as if holding a pencil.

how to hold the crochet hook for beginner crochet hook

Make a slip knot

Every crochet project start the same way; with a slip knot. When you have created a slip knot you are ready to go create a chain. In a crochet pattern it starts by letting you know how many chains to make. After you have made a chain you start on your rows. Click here for the slip knot video tutorial. 

Crochet stitches

US vs UK stitch conversion chart (this site uses UK stitches unless otherwise advised). The picture below shows the old Irish crochet stitch words such as Plain and single stitch.

uk us crochet stitch crochet conversion crochet stitch conversion us uk

Making chains:

crochet chains crochet foundation chain how to crochet chains
Crochet Chains

Click here for the making chain video tutorial. 

How to make single crochet (sc) stitches (US)

Insert hook in stitch, yarn over, pull loop through stitch, yarn over, pull yarn through both loops on hook.

how to crochet single crochet sc crochet single crochet
Single Crochet (US) Double Crochet (UK)
how to crochet single crochet sc crochet single crochet
Single Crochet

Click here for the single crochet video tutorial. 

How to crochet Double Crochet (dc) stitches (US)

Yarn over hook, insert hook in stitch, yarn over, pull loop through stitch, yarn over, pull yarn through the two first loops on hook, yarn over, pull through last two loops on hook.

how to crochet double crochet dc crochet double crochet
Double Crochet (US) Treble (UK)

Click here for the double crochet video tutorial. 

How to crochet Treble stitches (tr) (US)

Yarn over hook twice, insert hook in chain or stitch, yarn over, pull loop through stitch, yarn over, pull yarn through first two loops, yarn over, pull through next to loops, yarn over again, pull through remaining two loops.

how to crochet treble tr crochet stitches treble
Treble (US) Double Treble (dtr)

How to Crochet different stitches

Learn more about how to crochet different stitches here. 

The different crochet stitches are determined by how many time you yarn over and draw yarn through loops on the hook.

Crochet Gauge

Many patterns will tell you the size of finished item. If you want to ensure your item will be the same size as the pattern, you can check the gauge. The gauge is basically how tight or loose you crochet. With the hook and yarn you plan to use, create a block about 4 inches square and pin it to a flat surface. If your piece is bigger or smaller than the gauge indicated in the pattern, change to either a smaller or larger hook.

Crochet Hook Sizes

Hook Sizes refer to their thickness. US metrics use a letter, while UK and most other countries use a number. The higher the letter or number, the thicker (bigger) the hook.

Crochet Yarn Weight

Yarn weight is often displayed as ply. 1 ply, 2 ply, 3 ply are very fine yarn used in lace, and therefore also called Lace Yarn. 4 ply is superfine yarn. 5 ply is fine yarn. 8 ply is light weight yarn. 10 ply is medium weight yarn. 12 ply is bulky yarn.

Yarn Weight and Hook Size

Thicker yarn often needs a thicker hook. For example, 4 ply yarn often needs a hook size 2.5-3.5. In Irish crochet, you are using lace, and the pattern will often say to use a small crochet hook size 1.25.  If you are crocheting using chunky yarn, a crochet hook size 6.0 or larger would be appropriate.