Heirloom Half-Circle

heirloom crochet half circle

How to crochet Heirloom Half Circle


Make one loop bigger than the other. Twist loom 180 degrees and yarn over. Do not make sc, instead,
twist the loom 180 degrees and bring loop and yarn over. You now have 3 loops on hook, yo and draw
yarn through all 3 loops. Do this until you have 10 loops each side.

heirloom half circle pattern

PS. The first st you make on the hair loom will only have 2 loops on them after twisting twice due to
there was no loop on hook to begin with.
Yo, bring hook through all 10 loops, bring yarn across, yo and draw yarn through the first 2 loops on
hook, yo, bring yarn across and yo, draw yarn through the first 2 loops on hook. Continue this until
you have 10 loops on the hook holding the 10 loops on heirloom together. Yo and bring yarn through all
loops on hook (10 tr fans).
When counting how many loops you have made each side, do not count the loop created after a
10 loop has been connected. Ignore this loop.
Make 8 of the 10 loops each side held together by 10 tr fans.
Due to the twisting of the heirloom before the stitch is complete the loops on the heirloom will get
tighter and tighter.

heirloom crochet

Heirloom Circle

heirloom circle

How to Crochet Heirloom Circle

This pattern uses US stitch abbreviation.

heirloom circle

Heirloom Diagram

heirloom pattern

Heirloom Instructions

Create equal side loops on each side, connect with sc. When you have 4 loops create 5 sc fan. (Alternating one side will have 5 loops due to the turning of the heirloom). 5 sc fans are created by inserting hook as if making a sc, pull yarn through, yo and pull through only the first loop, *(insert hook, pull yarn through, you and pull through only the first loop) *, continue between ** until you have 5 loops on hook, yarn over and pull through all 5 loops. After you have connected both sides with 5 sc fan turn the heirloom 360 degrees and connect with sc. Turn heirloom the usual 180 degrees and connect with sc. Continue making loops the same way until you have 24 groups of 4 loops connected with 5 sc fans each side. Release the crochet work on one side of the heirloom only. Work the side as following: *(3 sc in loop, ch 5, 3 sc in next loop) x 2, 3 sc in next loop*, continue between * * until the end, ending with *(3 sc in loop, ch 5, 3 sc in next loop) x 2.

Connect the Heirloom work

heirloom circle diagram

Release the crochet work from the other side of the heirloom. Connect 8 loops together with a sl st, secure with another sl st in sl st. Repeat connecting the next 2 groups of 8 loops together with a sl st. Connect the 3 connected 8-loops by a knot. Secure the knot. You have now created a circle. Connect the rest of the crochet work with sl sts.

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