Heirloom Half-Circle

heirloom crochet half circle

How to crochet Heirloom Half Circle Make one loop bigger than the other. Twist loom 180 degrees and yarn over. Do not make sc, instead, twist the loom 180 degrees and bring loop and yarn over. You now have 3 loops on hook, yo and draw yarn through all 3 loops. Do this until you have … Read more Heirloom Half-Circle

Heirloom Circle

heirloom circle

How to Crochet Heirloom Circle This pattern uses US stitch abbreviation. Heirloom Diagram Heirloom Instructions Create equal side loops on each side, connect with sc. When you have 4 loops create 5 sc fan. (Alternating one side will have 5 loops due to the turning of the heirloom). 5 sc fans are created by inserting … Read more Heirloom Circle

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