Spiral of life crochet

Heirloom spiral of life crochet pattern

Spiral of life Heirloom crochet ~ Free crochet pattern Crochet Material Crochet hook size: 3.0 Fine crochet yarn 4.0 ply Sewing needle. Heirloom/Hairpin crochet instructions Use the loom on 3rd widest setting. 1 sc per loop, create 108 loops each side. Fasten off. Off the loom, crochet one side this way: *10 loops together with … Read more

Heirloom butterfly

How to Crochet an Heirloom butterfly Crochet Material Scrapyarn¬†any colour, 4 ply. Crochet hook size 3.0 mm. Half-circle (make 2). 63 loops with sc each loop. One side of loom. *Attach 7 x loops together with 3 sc, ch 7, repeat between ** 3 times, attach 21 loops together with 3 sc, ch 7, repeat … Read more

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