Free Crochet Patterns ALL Skill Levels

Free Crochet Patterns from Beginner to Advanced

Welcome to CrochetArtDesign. This is a place where you can develop your Crochet skills. Search my page for new, unique, and FREE crochet patterns. If you have a crochet pattern you want to share on this page, you can let me know here.



No More Boring Crochet Patterns :)


I promise you, no more Boring crochet patterns. I will give you crochet patterns in all the different crochet technique, such as Hairpin and Broomstick, as well as different skill levels. I make patterns from super easy to mega-advanced. I am also on Patreon now for my more advanced crochet patterns.


crochet amigurumi pattern top ten pattterns


Crochet Patterns for Beginners


If you are a beginner crocheter, you might want to give this crochet Whale pattern a go (see image below). This pattern is very easy and it will also show you how to make Amigurumi crochet items.


crochet whale amigurumi pattern whale crochet pattern


Crochet Patterns for Advanced


If you are interested in a more Advanced Crochet Pattern, why not give the Crochet Camel a go.


crochet camel pattern camel crochet pattern


Intermediate Crochet Patterns


Do you feel somewhere in between beginner and advanced? Well, I have lots of crochet patterns for you as well. Like the Crochet Hedgehog Below. It melts plenty of hearts :D


crochet hedgehog pattern hedgehog crochet pattern



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