Advanced Coloring In Projects

Mandalas for Advanced Coloring In Projects Below are some more advanced coloring in projects for those times where you want to really delve deep into concentration and meditation. In the colored Mandalas, color in the white areas and blend your colors in to make it your own.

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Coloring in Mandala

Coloring in for adults ~ Mandala Color in the Mandala and Make it Your Own. Frame it and Decorate your Home! :) The Mandala Above is more advanced and you will need more fine motor skills when coloring in the white spots. Take the Challenge and make it your own. More Coloring in Projects [...]

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Coloring In Vortex

Coloring in ~ Vortex Zentangle Vortex Zentangle ~ Color it in and make it your own. Get the Sleepy Eye Coloring in. Click on image to get this coloring in piece. Another Coloring In Vortex Click on image to get this coloring in vortex. Get the Zentangle Dreamcatcher. Color it in and make it [...]

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Sleepy Eye Zentangle

Sleepy Eye Zentangle ~ Coloring In Sleepy Eye Zentangle is a simple coloring in piece. Make it your own by coloring it in. See more Eye Zentangles. Click on the images to get the Zentangles.

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