Crochet Swan Pattern

Crochet Swan free crochet swan crochet pattern swan


How to Crochet the Swan in 3D

Crochet Swan in 3D

Free Crochet Tutorial

This pattern creates several 10-sc-circles, which folds upon each other, creating a 3D effect.

Crochet Material

Crochet hook size 3.0

Crochet Yarn 4.0 ply White and Black.

Sewing needle.

Crochet Swan Pattern Instructions

This pattern uses US crochet Abbreviation.

Special stitches: 3-ch Picot.

Ch 22, turn, 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook, turn, 10 sc in ch sp between sc and turning ch, *10 sc around remaining ch, sl st in 10-sc-circle*, rep between ** 4 times, leave about 4 chs on chain, 7 sc around remaining of chs, turn, sl st in 2nd sc from hook, turn.

10 sc in 2-sc-ch sp, sl st in 4th sc next 10-sc-circle, sk rest of sc same 10-sc-circle, sl st in 4th sc next 10-sc-circle, (3 ch picot, sc in next 2 sc) x 3,sc in next sc, sl st across remaining sc on next 3 x 10-sc-circles, sl st in 1st picot. Do not turn.

Sc in next 5 sc on last 10-sc-circle made, ch 1, sc in next 3 sc, sl st in next picot (middle picot), ch 5, sl st in next 10-sc-circle (the one before 1st picot round 2), turn, 5 sc in next ch-5-sp (creating a bridge), sl st in next sc, sc in next 8 sc. Turn.

(Ch 3, sc in next sc) x 7, sl st in last picot, sl st in next sc (on bridge), (ch 3, sc in next sc) x 4, turn, sl st in sc next 10-sc-bridge (that has no 3-ch sp), (Ch 3, sc in next sc) in remaining sc around until all 10-sc-circles are covered in 3-ch-sp.

Ch 15, turn, 30 sc over the chains, sl st in next 3 ch sp, turn, sl st back up into the next 25 sc, sc in remaining 2 sc, (ch 3, sc in next sc) x 3, sl st in tip of cord, ch 3, sl st in 3rd sl st on cord (from body).
Fasten off. Weaven in ends.

With a sewing needle, create a stitch to make an eye on the head of the swan.


Crochet Swan Filet Crochet Pattern

crochet swan filet pattern swan filet crochet pattern

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Crochet 3D flower free pattern

crochet flower 3D free crochet flower pattern

How to Crochet 3D Flower ~ Free pattern tutorial

crochet flower 3D free pattern

Crochet Material

Crochet hook size 6.0

Yarn: Moda Vera Fayette Yarn

Crochet Flower Instructions

This pattern uses US stitch abbreviation.

Round 1. Ch 3, 13 dc in 3rd ch from hook, sl st in ch 3.

Round 2. *Ch 3, sl st in next st*, repeat between ** around.

Round 3. *Sl st in in ch 3 sp, ch 5*, repeat between ** around.

Round 4. The sl st divide the 3 ch sp round 2 into two halves; crochet 3 sc into each half 3 ch-sp in round 3. You will basically crochet *3 sc down next ch 3 sp, sk sl st, 3 sc in same ch 3 sp, 3 sc in next 3 ch sp, sk sl st, 3 sc in same 3 ch sp*, repeat between ** to end, Sl st in 1st sc.

Round 5. Sl st in 5 ch sp round 3. Crochet the same pattern in all 5 ch sps: (1 sl st, 1 sc, 1 hdc, 1 dc, 1 tr, 1 dc, 1 hdc, 1 sc, 1 sl st), sl st in sl st.

Fasten off and Weave in ends.

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crochet bird bolero

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