Doily diagram free Crochet pattern

doily crochet pattern

Crochet Doily pattern

I haven’t yet tried to crochet this doily, I made it on the computer using a program called Inkscape. Inkscape is a free design software, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.


100 % cotton

Crochet hook size 3.0

Special crochet stitches: Slip stitch to move across the pattern in between stitches.


doily crochet pattern

Heirloom crochet pendulum

crochet pendulum beach crochet pattern

How to crochet heirloom pendulum tutorial

I love crochet on the heirloom. It has become something of an obsession. This crochet pattern was made while experimenting on the heirloom and using beads for decoration. I trust you will have fun making this crochet heirloom pattern. 

Special stitch: Picot stitch. 

crochet pendulum beach crochet pattern

Crochet Materials


Crochet hook size 3.0 and 1.o.

Yarn: Fayette 60 % Superwash wool + 40 % Polyamide.

Crochet instruction step by step.

Round 1. 1 sc each loop until 3 loops each side: 3 loops together with 1 sc. 3 loops together every round (each sc ends up one loop above the last). After 8 loops each side remove work from heirloom.

Round 2. Pull 2 loops through previous 2 loops twice. Repeat other side. Insert 2 loops through a bead (as picture 1 and picture 2 show) using crochet hook size 1.0.

Round 3. Attach yarn to 2 loops with sc. *Attach to next 2 loops with sc*, continue between ** until all loops are connected, 1 sl st opposite side to tighten the gap. End with 1 picot in sl st.

Go to a special place where you feel like you can connect with nature and look for a rock to put inside your crochet pendulum. You can also use gemstones and crystals. The rock will give your pendulum weight which is important for it to work properly.

crochet heirloom tutorial
Picture 1
crochet heirloom tutorial
Picture 2
crochet pendulum free pattern

Crochet Shells necklace pattern

shell crochet necklace crochet pattern

Crochet Necklace pattern with shells

This crochet necklace is inspired by the beautiful beaches of Western Australia. I was fortunate enough to have 4 months in Mandurah and Busselton, Western Australia where my husband was working. I picked pippi shells on the beach and decided to turn them into a beach-crochet-shell necklace! Here is a step by step crochet tutorial how you can make your very own crochet shell necklace.

This crochet pattern uses UK stitch abbreviation.

Special crochet stitches: Picot crochet stitch

Free crochet necklace pattern inspired by the Beach.

shell crochet necklace crochet pattern


Crochet hook size 2.4

Yarn: 100 % acrylic, brown color

Shells picked on a beach.

Crochet Necklace instructions step by step.

Ch 15, sl st in 1st ch to form a ring.

Round 1. *1 picot in sl st, 1 picot in every 5th ch, sl sts between chs, sl st in top of 1st picot*. Do not fasten off. Ch 15, repeat between **. Ch 2, turn, sk 1 st other half, 1 sl st, *ch 2, sk 1 st on other half, 1 sl st in next st*, repeat 5 times. Turn. Sl st in nearest picot.

Assemble your crochet necklace as described below.

Put your shells inside. Repeat process until all your shells are inside the little pockets. Sl st across all of pieces to attach them. If some Shells are loose inside the pockets, sk 1 sts, and sl st in next st to tighten up.

crochet pattern free assemble crochet pattern free crochet

Crochet Necklace pattern using hairpin crochet technique

Click here to get this crochet tree of life necklace pattern. 

hairpin crochet tree of life pattern

Heirloom bobble crochet earrings

crochet earrings chunky

How to crochet Heirloom bobble crochet earrings tutorial

You are bound to attract some attention wearing these chunky earrings! This is another heirloom crochet obsessed project where I started freestyling on the loom and something magical appeared. I love these chunky earrings as they are very colorful and cheeky, not to mention FUN. You can almost knock yourself out wearing them!

crochet earrings577c3c86773dc143e1ee92581dbe1f19

Crochet the same pattern each side of the heirloom.

Use the full width of the heirloom.

Crochet Materials:

Carnivale Bramley yarn


Crochet size 5.5

Crochet heirloom tutorial step by step.

Make 2.

Special stitches: Bobble stitch (create using 5 tr tog) and Picot stitch. 

This crochet pattern uses UK stitch abbreviation.

This heirloom crochet pattern starts with creating 15 loops each side on loom.

Start with connecting first 2 loops with 1 x sc each, then 3rd loops together with (sc + bobble st), * continue crochet 3 loops together with sc, and every 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th and 15th loops together with (sc + bobble st). You now have 15 loops and 5 bobble stitches. Remove work from loom.

heirloom crochet hairpin crochetheirloom crochet hairpin crochetheirloom crochet hairpin crochetheirloom crochet hairpin crochet

Continue crochet as follows:

Insert hook through all 15 loops one side and connect them with 1 x sc. Now use remaining yarn from the first loop of the heirloom work and insert it through the 15 loops the other side. Attach with sc. Reinsert hook in sc other side and turn work inside out,  sl st in sc you just created opposite side. 1 x picot in sl st. Push the bobble stitches through the bottom if they aren’t already popping out. Fasten off. Attach earring studs. You have now made your own divine heirloom crochet earrings. Congratulations!

crochet earrings chunky

Beaded Hairpin crochet necklace

crochet hairpin necklace tutorial

Hairpin crochet necklace with beads tutorial

This is a Native American inspired Heirloom Crochet necklace that I absolutely love. It is decorated with beautiful beads and a large feather. I used a feather bought in the craft store, however you can also use feathered found in nature.

crochet heirloom necklace tutorial

Special stitches: Picot stitch. 

Crochet Materials


Crochet hook size 3.0 and 1.0.

Yarn: Fayette 60 % Superwash wool + 40 % Polyamide.

A feather.


Crochet Hairpin Necklace tutorial:

This heirloom work has 44 loops each side. Use the widest option on the heirloom.

Round 1: 1 sc each loop until 3 loops each side: 3 loops together with 1 sc. 3 loops together every round (each sc ends up one loop above the last as picture 1 shows). After 44 loops each side remove work from heirloom.

Round 2: Connect 44 loops one side with 1 sc + 1 sl st in same sc. 1 picot in same spot (this is where you will attach necklace chain).

Round 3: Crochet across other side of the 44 loops as follows: 2 x 2 loops together with a bead. Use crochet hook size 1.0 to pull the 2 loops through the beads (see picture 2), continue until all 22 pair of loops have a bead on them. *Ch 5, insert hook through 2 loops, pull next 2 loops through previous 2 loops as picture 3 shows, attach with sc in loops you are pulling through*, continue across to end. Turn.

Round 4: Ch 3, picot, *sl st to next sc on top of 2 loops, ch 3-picot in sc*, continue across. Fasten off.

Optional. Attach feather. Insert feather through back of stitch and into bead.

Congratulations you have completed a heirloom intermediate crochet pattern.

heirloom crochet tutorial
picture 1
Attach bead to heirloom crochet pattern
Picture 2
heirloom crochet pattern
Picture 3

Crochet Tree of Life hairpin necklace pattern

Click here to get this crochet hairpin tree of life necklace.

hairpin crochet tree of life pattern

Hairpin Belt Crochet pattern

crochet hairpin belt

How to Hairpin crochet belt tutorial

belt crochet hairpin


Set Heirloom size 2 (2nd largest).

Use yarn with about 20 % mohair. You choose the colors. I use yellow and green.

Use crochet hook size 6.5.

Special crochet stitches:

Bobble stitch. This pattern uses UK crochet stitch abbreviation.

Crochet Instructions:

Picture below is the diagram. O is sc +bobble stitch + sl st, and X is sc. Each bobble stitch on hairpin starts with a sc, bobble stitch (ch 3 + 4 tr tog), sl st in bottom of bobble stitch. Every 3 loops are crochet together with sc + bobble st + sc. In the end you have 36 loops each side. 12 x 3-loops together. Remove work from heirloom. Ch 5,* insert hook into 6 loops, pull 3 loops through the 3 first loops, ch 10*, repeat between ** to end. Ch 5, 1 sc in bobble st. Ch 5, and continue between ** again until end. Ch 5, 1 sc in bobble st. Fasten off.

Make 2 identical. Attach with Tassels, and tie tassels together.

crochet hairpin belt

hairpin crochet diagram


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