How to make a Fairy House with Succulents

How to make your own Fairy house and decorate it with Succulents


One Teracotta pot.

A hammer.

Soil mix.




Mosaic tiles.

Glass pebbles.

Plastic flowers.

Tree branches.

Fairy house instructions step by step with pictures.

Punch out an opening in the front of the pot. Smash up the ceramics into smaller pieces, while leaving the remaining pot as is.

home made fairy house step by step

Fill the bottom up with soil. Create an ‘upstairs’ level with one of the ‘smashed up’ ceramics pieces.


Use the rocks to create steps. Fill in more soil, and decorate the rest of the inside with mosaic tiles (smashed up), glass pebbles, fake flowers, and succulents. You can also decorate it with branches found outside, and even leaves.

fairy house step by step tutorial

When you are finished, put the fairy house in a nice little spot for your fairies. 🙂

fairy house completed

The best thing is, each fairy house will be different, with its own special characteristics.

How to grow Succulents.

Succulents needs watering every few weeks. They love Sun, and they should be planted in a well drained pot.

Growing Succulents in a cold climate.

Some succulents originates from cold climates, and are often referred to as hardy succulents. Find out more here. 

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