How to Decoupage a Vase

How to Decoupage a Glass Vase Instructions Skill levels: Beginner. Decoupage Materials: Decoupage glue or Multihesive glue (make sure it can glue on glass). Craft glue stick. A glass vase Napkins A Tattoo Ideas Magazine Paint brushes. Glitter varnish. Decoupage Glass Vase Instructions Print some floral designs on tissue paper. To do this use [...]

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Decoupage Flower Pots

How to make your Own Deadly Decoupage Flower Pots You will need: Flower pots Spray paint white Modge Podge glue or Decoupage glue Scissors Tattoo Magazine Paint brushes Black paint (optional) Varnish Gladwrap (optional) Decoupage Instructions Spraypaint the flower pots white. Cut out some deadly looking Tattoo designs from a magazine, or print out from [...]

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