How to Crochet the Catherine Wheel

How to Crochet the Catherine Wheel ~ Free Crochet Pattern In this pattern, I am using US crochet stitch abbreviation. Crochet Materials Crochet hook size 4.0 mm. Crochet yarn 4 ply 100 % Acrylic: Blue. Sewing needle. Safety Pin. Crochet Instructions Wind yarn 20 times around your index finger. Slip loop off the finger and [...]

Heirloom Circle

How to Crochet Heirloom Circle This pattern uses US stitch abbreviation. Click here for the UK pattern.  Heirloom Diagram Heirloom Instructions Create equal side loops on each side, connect with sc. When you have 4 loops create 5 sc fan. (Alternating one side will have 5 loops due to the turning of the heirloom). [...]

Sacred Owl Filet Crochet Pattern

Filet Crochet Owl Pattern ~ Shop on Etsy Crochet Skill level: Advanced. 'Sacred Owl' is a filet crochet pattern that will be instantly downloaded upon received payment. You can purchase this pattern on my Etsy shop TheNorthernGypsie. 'Sacred Owl' is approximate 23 inches wide and 25 inches tall using Crochet Cotton size 10 and [...]

butterfly crochet top

How to Crochet Butterfly Top ~ Free Crochet Pattern Crochet Materials: Yarn with Fayette 60 % superwash wool, 40 % Polyamide, multicolored. Crochet hook size 6.5 Crochet Instructions (using UK crochet stitch abbreviation) This crochet top happened as a freestyle crochet piece while trying to relax over the Christmas holiday. My nephew pointed out to [...]

Tree of life crochet pattern

How to Crochet the Tree of Life Hairpin Lace pattern Crochet Materials: Mohair (at least 20 %) wool Crochet hook size 6.5 and 3.0. A colorful gemstone or crystal. Crochet instructions Special stitches: Bobble stitch (5 tr together). Set the pins on hairpin to size 2 (two empty holes between pins). Use crochet hook [...]

fourth wheel irish crochet

How to Crochet the Fourth Wheel ~ Irish Crochet tutorial This pattern uses English stitch abbreviation. When you find an Irish crochet pattern, you might see old stitches no longer in use. Here is the old English stitch vs modern stitch conversion. Fourth Wheel Crochet Pattern Instruction Using 1.75 mm steel hook ch 8, [...]